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Battle Report on 500 point Grow League

Wilhelm Stürmer

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This is my rendition of the Battle Report submitted by @Gwendar in this thread. I was his opponent in Game 4.

My list
Allegiance: Seraphon
Skink Starpriest (80)

- General
- Trait: Master of Star Rituals 
- Artefact: Prism of Amyntok Artefact

Saurus Sunblood (120)

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One (100)

5x Saurus Knights (90) - Lances
10x Saurus Warriors (100) - Clubs

Total: 490/500

Turn 1:
I kept the Scar-Veteran on Cold One with the unit of Knights, to hopefully benefit from Savage Charge. I kept the Skink Starpriest behind cover, and the Warriors and Sunblood were placed out near each other. My opponent deployed first and had me go first. I attempted Lords of Space and Time on the Sunblood, but whiffed it with a 1. I successfully cast Summon Starlight on the Warriors and applied Serpent staff to the Knights. The rest of my first turn just movement, as I was outside charge and combat ranges.
Opponents turn 1, he teleported the Sisters of the Watch behind my Warriors and killed half the unit. The Waywatcher killed 2x Knights at range. I couldn't strike back with anything.

Turn 2:
As we were pressed for time, we simply went back and forth on turns. I got a 3 on LoSaT and teleported the Sunblood 9" away from the Waywatcher. I used the Prism on the Sisters, killed 5 and then killed one more with Arcane Bolt. The Sunblood got it's 9" charge, but I failed the Knight's charge and opted to not charge the Scar-Vet alone. I turned my remaining 5x Warriors around and moved, then charged them into the SotW, killing two more in Combat. Waywatcher struck back into the Sunblood, but whiffed. The Sunblood then knocked the Waywatcher down to 1 Wound. The Sisters killed the two remaining Warriors.
Opponents turn 2, he got his Kurnoth Hunters in combat with the remaining 3x Knights and Scar-Vet on Cold One. The Scar-Vet took 3 Wounds and my Knights were left with one model with 1 Wound. I struck back with my Sunblood and killed the Waywatcher. His Waywatcher inflicted 3x Wounds into the Sunblood.

Turn 3:
I charged the Sunblood into the Kurnoth and inflicted some damage, but didn't kill any. The Kurnoth killed the remaining knight, but we had to end the game at that point due the store closing. My opponent graciously called the match a draw in his report on TGA Community, but based on wounds of dead models, he won by 5.

Upon reflection, the rushed nature of the game contributed to A LOT of missed ability usage. I'm fairly certain I missed using Ferocious Rage and Fury of the Seraphon. I did use Scent of Weakness twice on the Waywatcher. All in all, I'd like to play this match up again, but more relaxed, so we can both be sure to use the army's full potentials.

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