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Minus to hit modifiers and how you see your units

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Evening all (or good morning by chance)

As the game evolves and newer units are released, we are seeing a very wide range of sources to inflict penalties to the to hit values of units.

I'm just wondering if anyone considers these modifiers when building an army or if they are simply something to be dealt with on the the table only.

For example; The dankhold troggboss - 3+ to hit (amazing) however this will often times be 4/5+ or perhaps worse.

Is this assumed to be the case when deciding how worthwhile he is or do you simply take him on the merit of his shown 3+? 

I'm a very narrative gamer at heart but have decided to try and attend some match play tournaments this year and am simply curious to the possible impact of such widely seen negative modifiers on list building.

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Whilst there are many units with negative modifiers out there you can’t really account for them in list design, only on the battlefield when you know what you’re against. Every army is at the same level in this respect younjust have to deal with it when it happens I think  

Also it’s usually only a few units or abilities that grant the buff so you can either ignore/chaff those units or kill the source. 

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From someone who plays an army with a load of negative modifiers (possibly the most), I think the best strategy is to pick your targets. If there is something causing the -1, then kill it asap. If a unit has it naturally, avoid them with units that have a few heavy hitting attacks (like the trolls) as they lose the most per hit.

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