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Events UK: Kirton Games (Devon, UK) Age of Sigmar Six Team Challenge - 20th April (Sold out - reserve list open)


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Event Title: Kirton Games (Devon, UK) Age of Sigmar Six Team Challenge - 20th April
Event Author: Theslowcentury
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 04/20/2019 09:30 AM

You are invited to play at our inaugural six team challenge!

Tickets: https://kirtongames.co.uk/products/event-age-of-sigmar-six-team-challenge-20th-april
Teams of four players will battle to decide a winning team. We will use (with thanks!) Games Workshop's team pairings system:
The core rules are in use up to and including allegiance abilities. Malign sorcery, endless spells, realm rules and realmscape features are in use.
During the event you will play three Pitched Battle battleplans from the list of eighteen (the six found in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book and the twelve in the General’s Handbook 2018).
Each round’s battleplan, realm and realmscape feature will be announced prior to the event after rosters have been submitted.
Teams should arrange terrain on the table in a mutually agreeable manner before determining pairings. Then roll a dice for each terrain feature and apply the corresponding rule from the Scenery table (page 235 of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book).
Your opponents for the first round will be randomly determined.
From game two onwards we will use a ‘swiss’ system matching teams up according to their rank. If you are matched up against a team you have already played, randomly determine a swap with the team next to you, or inform us and we will arrange it.
A big part of Team Tournaments is the pairings system – the game before the game where teams must determine who plays who. On one hand each team must select the favourable match-ups, putting forward the attackers they believe are best suited to the task at hand. On the other they must nominate a determined defender, someone willing to take on all comers and battle it out in the trenches!
When you arrive at the tournament teams will be given pairings cards. These are used to arrange match-ups. Each team should write a player name and army on the reverse of each pairings card until all four members of the team have their respective pairing card.
Before each round, teams will have 30 minutes to look over each other’s rosters and establish who plays who by using the following pairing system:
 Arrive at your tables, greet opponents and arrange terrain.
 Look over the opposing team’s army rosters and then begin the pairing system.
 Team A puts forward face down their chosen defender. This is the player
the team feels is most suited to taking on all comers.
 Team B does the same.
 Both teams reveal their chosen defender simultaneously.
 Team A puts forward face down their two chosen attackers. These are the
two players the team feels are best suited to playing the opposing defender.
 Team B does the same.
 Both teams reveal their chosen attackers simultaneously.
 Team A chooses which of the two attackers from Team B their defender
will play against.
 Team B chooses which of the two attackers from Team A their defender
will play against.
 The refused attacker from Team A will play the remaining player from
Team B.
 The refused attacker from Team B will play the remaining player from Team A.
09:00-10:30: Registration
10.30am-11.00am Round 1 pairings
11.00am-1.30pm Round 1
1.30pm-2.30pm Lunch 2.30pm-3.00pm Round 2 pairings
3.00pm-5.30pm Round 2
5.30pm-6.30pm Break.
6.30pm-7.00pm Round 3 pairings.
7.00pm-9.30pm Round 3
You will require an army of no more than 2,000 points to play at this event. Follow the Picking Your Army section from the Matched Play
chapters of the Age of Sigmar Core Book or the General’s Handbook 2018. Note the Battlehost restrictions in the Pitched Battle chart.
We intend for each team to have a variety of different armies. Therefore warscrolls may not be duplicated across players within a team.
For example, John and Matt both have Stormcast Eternals armies. John uses the Lord- Celestant and Liberators warscrolls, therefore Matt would NOT be able to take these units. He would have to build his army using different Stormcast Eternals warscrolls e.g. Lord-Arcanum and Sequitors. Note that the warscroll restrictions only apply to your rostered units. Any units summoned during the game are exempt from these restrictions.
Once you have built your armies, you must record each one on an army roster. We recommend using Azyr on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar app, or Warscroll Builder on www.warhammer-community.com.
All text must be clearly readable for us and your opponents to check.
You must use the same army rosters for each game, and all choices available to you must be noted down on your army rosters. Your rosters must include things like who your general is, Allegiance Abilities, Artefacts of Power, Command Traits, spells, any extra command points etc.
Finally your roster must include player name and team name.
Any kind of ability you can choose before the game must be decided on before the event and recorded on your army roster. This includes
things like Mark of Chaos for Slaves to Darkness Chaos Warriors. These choices are made for the tournament, and as they are part of your army roster, cannot be changed during the event.
Each team will need to submit their army rosters by Sunday April 13th 2018. After this point, no changes may be made to the army rosters without the permission of an events staff member. To submit your army roster, please send one email to store@kirtongames.com with all rosters attached.
A screenshot or photo of each roster is fine, so long as it’s clearly readable. Please label the email ‘Age of Sigmar
Team Championships rosters’ in the subject line and make sure you include your chosen team name in the email.
You will then need to bring multiple copies of your army rosters with you. Opponents will have a chance to look over your rosters when pairings are determined each round.
Parking - there is £2 all day parking at St Saviours Way carpark which is a 3 minute walk to the shop.
There are plenty of food options in Crediton! We normally all meet in the Wetherspoons Pub, The General Buller, for Breakfast at 8am!
Other Information
Please note we are unable to offer refunds within 7 days of the event.

Tickets are for a team of four.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me here or at store@kirtongames.com


Kirton Games (Devon, UK) Age of Sigmar Six Team Challenge - 20th April



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