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Tetsubo! Old but interesting news...

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This was announced back in October but I only just heard about it and there's a slim chance it might be of interest to some people here anyway.

Tetsubo, for those who don't know, was originally going to be a full Nippon expansion for Warhammer Fantasy designed by Dave Morris & Jamie Thomson back in, I want to say, 1986. A change of personnel or some dispute meant GW shelved it and we just were left with a few things like Temple Dogs and Ninja Rockateer models to tease us with what could have been.

Anyway 33 years later it's finally getting officially published (though now semi-divorced from the Warhammer setting) by Grim and Perilous as an expansion for their Zweihänder system. Could be some great source material here to plunder when it's released.



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well Japanese update to Warhammer kinda feels hard to imagine but option to have jade emprah to cover sigmars back feels good hey maybe in the age of waagmar we might get Japan exclusive faction but I don't think  games workshop create a whole new faction just to please someone from rising sun but hey its an idea to wish for.

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I like this, a lot. I have neither but, to be honest, I would prefer Zweihander over WHFRPG. I like my rpgs to be as independent from any ‘setting’ as possible. 

Yes, I guess Zweihander have a setting as well. It is just that I am personally more attached to WHF, and it would thus be harder for me to ignore said universe.

I would however love to hear a comparison between the two rpgs, system-wise. 

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