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Events UK: Essex GT (Wayland Games Hockley) Player list updated!


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Event Title: Essex GT (Wayland Games Hockley)
Event Author: JonWilliams
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 06/07/2019 12:00 AM to 07/07/2019 12:00 AM

Introducing, in association with the Mitzy and Jimbo Show, the first Essex GT at Wayland games Hockley.

Five games of 2000pts Age of Sigmar over two days. Battle Plans and realm rules / spells and artifacts will be in play and published before the event. 

Wayland games is a lovely venue with food and a bar on site. Hockley is on the main line form London Liverpool street and plenty of local hotels around.

Link to the tickets can be found here.


Event pack can be downloaded below

https://www.dropbox.com/s/dmo5h7t3e1zfycz/Essex GT pack v 2.pdf?dl=0

Tickets are £35 for the two days gaming.  Mitzy and Jimbo  will also provide spot prizes during the weekend.

I have managed to arrange a discount at the Holiday Inn southend airport for the 5th and/or 6th of July for players that attend the event. The holiday inn is a 15 minute drive from the venue or two stops on the train from southend airport (2 minute walk from hotel). More importantly it has a lovely bar too!

The rate is £89 per room per night. Rooms are standard twin rooms. Price includes breakfast, parking and WI-FI.

To book email


And quote block code EGT. Contact details and credit / debit card needed to guarantee booking. You should receive automated conformation. 

Player list

1 Anthony Lewis

2 Alan Anderson 

3 Mike Austin

4 Jon Barwise

5 Richard Bowker

6 Paul Buckler - Dorset Doggers

7 Glenn Caldecott

8 Mark Carrigher

9 Vincent Chan

10 Rob Cousins

11 Lawrence Craven - Grasshopper Jockey

12 Tina Crossley

13 Joann Curry

14 Dan

15 Phil Dodd

16 Adam Elford

17 Nicholas Featherstone - SLL

18 Stephen Follows

19 Ollie Fox - Eatbats

20 Chris Francis - Tunsgate Tyrants

21 Simon Fro - SLL

22 Michael Gilson

23 Kevin Grimes

24 Oliver Grimwood

25 Glen Holman - Grasshopper Jockey 

26 Owen Jackson - SLL

27 Jani

28 Darryl Jones 1

29 Darryl Jones 2

30 Peter Lockwood

31 Sam Loving - Tunsgate Tyrants

32 Samuel Lowe

33 Ben Mardale - Eatbats

34 Alex McGee - Eatbats

35 Conor McNama - SLL

36 Mitzy Mitzman - Eatbats

37 Ryan Mollan

38 Kevin Mossman - Grasshopper Jockey

39 Charles Nolan 

40 Daniil Osudin

41 Leo Rautonen - SLL

42 Neil Samuels

43 Benjamin Savva - SLL

44 David Smyth 1

45 David Smyth 2

46 Ciaran Smyth

47 Jon Kerr

48 Richard Taylor

49 Daniel White - SLL

50 Aaron Wilson

51 Michael Wilson - Dorset dogger

52 Jimbo Wrath - Eatbats

53 James Grant - SLL

54 Stuart Hastings - (spare player)

Essex GT (Wayland Games Hockley)



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6 hours ago, Paul Buckler said:

Ticket Purchased, gonna chase up the doggers and see if we can get a group heading your way


Which hotel are most folks staying at?


Awesome mate will be great to see you guys there.

I might be able to get a discount at the holiday inn at southend airport. I'll find out next week and let you guys know asap

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Thought I was working for this but I’m not, sweet! I’m hoping tickets are still available?

edit; a pal showed me you could see how many were left on the ticket site so we both booked a ticket, look forward to seeing everyone there!

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Stopped being dense.
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20 hours ago, Luke82 said:

I’m pretty sure of the answer to this but thought i’d check to clarify; will the GHB 19 / Pitched battle profiles be used in the tournament as they are the latest (as per the pack)?

Yes! GHB19 will be in use (with the exception of sylvaneth). I will update the pack this weekend after I have my copy of the GHB. 

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