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HuyCon Wargaming...it's a youtube channel!


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Hi everyone, 

I've actually had a youtube channel which focuses primarily on AoS content for a bit over a year (although...I don't know why I didn't post about it here until now). 

You may have either seen me at events in Canada/US, on Ash's youtube channel (Guerilla Miniature Games) or heard me on the Canhammer podcast. 

Anyways, the channel is largely a tournament oriented and presents games played at actual events. In 2019, the plan will be to bring as many videos online from the Las Vegas Open (40k and AoS), Barrie Bash (40k), Adepticon (AoS), Warmasters - AOS Team Tournament, Capital City Blood Bath (40k and AOS), Da Boyz (40k and AOS) and many others! 

You can find a recent game I had against Dez from Da Boyz here: 



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