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Your five year plan for AoS

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Posted (edited)

Well everything I would do has already been mentioned.

So  there’s literally only 1thing left to  do, that nobody came up with:

“rename the game to age of the Horned Rat

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Posted (edited)

Most things I'd do are already mentioned, but I'd make one alteration. 

Battletomes only contain fluff, AND a ring binder section at the back. 

In this section go the latest warscroll, allegiance abilities, batallions and points costs availible as pdfs to be printed off and slotted in, with extra slots for misc items like endless spells/battle plans etc. 

This would give huge flexibility to points/warscroll adjustments and prevent the messy situation of having rules spread across FAQs and GHB etc. 

The GHB itself is just a big fancy folder with pockets for battle plans, alternate play modes (skirmish, aerial and massive battles etc.). Mainly useful as storage I guess? 

The core book could be kept pretty much as is, core rules and the 3 ways to play as well as lore. 

Really goes the whole way on the modular rules aspect of the game and would make book keeping a heck of a lot easier once you get all the data sheets you need in the battle tome. 

Edit: Also release a freeguild/ Gutbusters boxed set called "guts and gunfire" that has them fighting over several highly explosive gunpowder stashes. This was literally shown to me in a dream the other night (when I bought my box in the dream the free guild all turned out to be those green plastic armymen you can get in any toy shop 😢

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