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Events Poland: General's War #20: Pruszkowska Masakra II [2x1500]

Jan "Kyoshi" Mejor

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Event Title: General's War #20: Pruszkowska Masakra II [2x1500]
Event Author: Jan "Kyoshi" Mejor
Calendar: Events Poland
Event Date: 03/16/2019 12:00 AM to 03/17/2019 12:00 AM



Shop Merfolk, Battlemania.pl and General's War are happy to to invite you to the second edition Pruszkowska Massacre, where we will play the Age of Sigmar Master class  tournament again. This time with the narrative background and in the pair format!

[updated 04/01/2019]


16-17 march


Hotel ComfortBiznes
ul.Bolesława Prusa 1
05-800 Pruszków

I.Format :

1. The tournament is played in a pair format with a story background.
2. Rosters should be prepared for 2x1500 points with Vanguard rules - each army must be submitted according to these restrictions:
2 + Battleline, 1-4 Leaders, 0-2 Behemoths, 0-2 Artillery.
3. [option deleted]
4. We prepare the rosters using official applications and send them using online form by 9/03/2019 at the latest
5. Armies in the alliance can not repeat units among themselves (warscrolls - including endless
spells) - if a given army chose a unit, the other army can not have it, regardless of whether it would be chosen normally or, for example, as allies.
6. Armies can be paired if a description is available in AoS books or manuals where selected armies cooperated with each other. Also:
a) Fyreslayers - can be paired with any other army
b) Kharadron Overlord - can be paired with any other army except the army of Allegiance: Chaos
c) Beasts of Chaos - can be paired with any army from Allegiance: Destruction and Chaos
d) Legion of Azgorth - they can also be paired with any army other than armies with keywords: duardin
e) Free Peoples - can be paired with any other army
7. Armies in pair are neutral for each other, we throw one dice at start and set up two drops. 
8. Trimuph - we throw one triumph for the whole alliance.
9. We play with Endless Spelle.
10. Realm arthefacts are available but can not be repeated in the alliance.
11. Only armies painted at 100% are allowed (at least on the minimum level -3 base colors, wash)

II.  Scoring – 140p: 

We use victory conditions in accordance with the rules of a given scenario. Extra 8 points Points for Hidden Agendas. In case of a draw 
we also count points for the full enemy units killed. "Table" are  counted as a full 2,000 points.  According to the result
we use the following point values:

1. Major win – 20-0
2. Minor win – 13-7
3. Remis – 10-10
4. Minor loss – 7 punkty
5. Major loss – 0 punktów
6. Walkower (nie stawienie się na bitwę) – 13:0

7. Additionally, in each scenario, 2x hidden agendas will be selected (will be specified in the description of each scenario) for each of them the player receives 4 points (a total of 8 per battle)


III. Painting and preparation – 50p:


1. The whole army in the alliance is painted in at least 3 colors including made bases - 5 points per army (10 total)

2. The whole army in the alliance has a full WYSIWG together with describing how individual troops, heroes are different  in rosters - 5 points per army (10 in total)

3. The entire army in the alliance and bases  are painted in a coherent pattern color - 5 points for an army (10 in total)

4. Sending the rosters within the set time - 5 points

5. Possession of cubes, scoops, all rules used by the army / armies - 5 points

6. The narrative history of the army sent within set time. The story of the alliance, where it is described why the given alliance fights together. - 10 points

IV. Additional points - 30p:

 Best painted alliance :

1. 1 place + 10 p
2. 2-3 place + 5 p
3. 4-5 place + 1 p

Best story 

1. 1 place + 10 p
2. 2-3 places + 5 p

Best play 

1. 5 votes BP  + 10 p
2. 4 votes BP + 8 p
3. 3 votes BP + 5 p
4. 2 votes BP + 2 p
5. 1 votes BP + 1 p


Negative points – yellow cards


- they can be "awarded" by the judge and organizer in justified cases. Each reminder is -2p deducted from the general score.

Examples of behavior that can be punished are:

intentionally playing for time 

- intentionally moving the models beyond the permitted phases

- misleading about the rules of your army


V. Scenarios :

1.  Total Committment: Invade, Attrition

2.  The Better Prat of Valour: Defend, Ancient Heirloomms

3.  Blood and Glory: Conserve, Secret Mission

4.  Duality of Death: Terrify, Linebreaker

5.  Starstrike: Slay, Secret Mission


Each game lasts  3h 15min

VI. Terrains:


We do not use Age of Sigmar terrain placement rules. Each table will have a map with the indicated location of the area as well as a description of what effect the area has. All to save game time. Players only throw for the selection of the side and start placing in accordance with general rules.

VII. Day schedule :

Saturday: to be announced!

1. Przygotowanie i rejestracja:
2. Pierwsza bitwa:

3. Druga bitwa:
4. Trzecia bitwa:

Sunday: to be announced!

1. Czwarta bitwa:
2. Piąta bitwa:
3. Podsumowanie, wręczenie nagród

VIII. House rules (in translation):


IX. Zapisy:


We accept applications via the google form. Please enter the email address of the contact person. Any changes to the rosters, and all organizational matters will be conducted through it. Rosters can be changed without penalty points until 9/03/2019.

Entry fees paid in advance, until 17/02/2019 in the amount of PLN 90 per person


ING 80 1050 1924 1000 0092 3343 3342

title  „GW + Imię + Nazwisko


In this fee, we guarantee a delicious dinner on site in a hotel on Saturday.

After the given time: 100 pln.

Last minute application in days before event: 120 pln.


Returns: in case of resignation from participation in the tournament, refund of the full entry fee is possible until 23/02/2019. After this date, refunds in shop loans are possible, less the cost of catering. Cancellations 7 days before the tournament cannot be refunded.

X. Accommodations:


For the guests staying overnight at the venue, the ComfortBiznes hotel has prepared a special promotional price list:

Room for 2  - 170 PLN (extra fee for 3rd person possible +45)

Room for 1  - 150 PLN


The room cost includes a breakfast in hotel buffet.





Drawing Scenarios



General's War #20: Pruszkowska Masakra II [2x1500]

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