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Mixed Army Paint Schemes?


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As a self-diagnosed army tart I'm considering a mixed Order army.

I did see a WHC post featuring such an army with units painted to match each other. I am doing a similar thing for my Drukhari.

Do many folks do this for their armies? I would've to see pics of your army if so.



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I have to say that the most I do is make all the bases for one Grand Alliance, Order and Destruction in my case, the same so that I can mix them up and still keep some coherency.  So I can play Wanderers (my main army) with or without allies or go mixed Order.  I feel if, say when I finish my Idoneth army I want to take 20 Eternal Guard as allies, why would they dress up like Idoneth? They already have a traditional dress (paint scheme) of their own.  To follow the same scheme, I would have to paint 20 more Eternal Guard, which I then couldn't use in my Wanderers army.  Fluffwise, It doesn't really make sense to me either unless you are making a city army from the Firestorm book.  Obviously, you can create a scheme and come up with your own backstory and that's great, but it does make it harder to use them in faction-specific armies (unless, of course, you use the same colour scheme for all of them).  If it is a mixed army, then an overarching basing scheme is good enough for me.

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At the end of the day they're your dudes and you can do whatever you want with them. I cant say I've ever come across someone who has complained about a fully painted army.

From a thematic standpoint age of sigmar is pretty generous and is supposed to be the universe where the hobbyist has all the realm(s) of opportunity to make things your own. The realms are big enough and bunked up enough that any thing could fly I reckon. 

I never really care that much what someone opposite me puts down or in what order, and if they have some back story they want to share thats cool. Im fine either way.

A mixed army would probably be quite interesting as usually they get themed to utilise all those special rules you can get. 

For myself I only have straight karadrons in AoS, have toyed around with the idea of mixing in some others but need to finish painting what I got first haha. 

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With a mixed faction list, as long as you keep some cohesion between each sub-faction in terms of scheme and don't have them using radically different color palettes, it should work out. So, try to find a color or something else that they can both use in their own color schemes.

If you're looking for visual unity in the force, you could always use the shame secondary shade for all the models - so, for instance, you could use orange or something as a secondary/accent color and make one faction blue primarily, and another purple or green or another color range, and the accent colors would unify the force visually.

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My mixed order army has a whole range of different colors across every units.  From hallowed knights to red irondrakes they all work together simply because of the brown bases.  Some might think it is all hodgepodge but I feel it works and in the end that’s all tha t matters.  Also a use of a lot of neutral Browns blacks and greens could also help unify a plethora of different factions.

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I would say that bases are more important than colors. If I would like to have an army with very different styles I would focus a lot on the bases and make them fairly advanced, but if you have a consistent color theme then basing is not as important, but it still need to be the same. Identical painted units but with different will look like they are in different armies.

For me I started my AoS adventure with an old High Elves army from late 90-s elfs.

These were painted grey with lots of red details and metal with gold details.

This has continued to be my base but red has become more dominant over time.  

I also use the same basing scheme for everything that also uses red (among other colors).  

The elfs (old and new) are red/grey as main colors.
My sylvaneth have red leaves
My skinks have red skin
My arkanuatus have red jump suites with grey details

I also decided that I wanted to connect my arkanuts better so I decided that they were mercenaries hired by the elfs. So instead of using the normal champion I added one elf in each unit. I took old metal elfs and added bags and chests so that they brings the gold to the battlefield to show the the dwarves what they are fighting for.

Currently I don’t use my sylvaneth but I mix elfs, skinks and arkanuts with red as the main color to bind them.

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