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Chaos Warriors - worth using them?


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Hello together, I've played a big demon army in WHFB several years ago. And now I want to play again an army of one of the chaos gods, this time with AoS. 

I've seen the new slaves to darkness box and I'm unsure about the sense of chaos warriors in armies that contain demons and mortals. For example, in the Khorne battletome there are bloodletters, bloodwarriors and reavers. 

Are there reasons, why to pick up chaos warriors instead? 

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I think, some variants could be interesting.

Weapon pair is redundant with Blood Warriors.

The option to have a Shield, that gives a 5+ Aftersave against Mortal Wounds can be interesting

Sadly, the more interesting options aren't in the box (they are updatepacks), only Handweapon+Shield or Weapon Pair is in the box.

In case of Grand Weapons, you can have a complete unit with Rend

  • where Blood Warriors only have 1 model (the Blood Glave),
  • Blood Reavers only wound on 4+ and only have 1 attack per model, and nearly no save but more bodies
  • and bloodletters have only 1 attack per model (with the chance to make mortal wounds), and less save

In this case Bloodletters are quite similar to Chaos Warriors, besides the differents Save 5+ against 4+ we can say that 2 Bloodletters nearly equal 1 Chaos Warrior in case of Wounds and Attacks.

The most interesting case would mostly be Halberts, because with Range 2" they will have the most attacks, when using a larger unit and the unit has the Chaos Runeshield.

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Chaos Warriors make a good defensive unit.

In a big block halberds are good as the 2nd rank can fight.

Greatblades give them rend and with a buff to hit they can do some offensive work.

5 man units with shields are great for capping objectives.

However whatever role you give them they will need support as on their own they arent amazing.

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They certainly do seem to have a place, but you could also easily play any Chaos army (undivided excluded) without using any of the Chaos Warriors. My buddy uses Chaos Warriors with greatblades, Chaos Warriors with shields, and Chaos Knights in his maggotkin army (they're mostly Nurgle Slaves using Maggotkin allegiance). They're particularly effective against my Disciples of Tzeentch due to the 5+ save against mortal wounds. 

I've highly considered taking Chaos Warriors in my Disciples of Tzeentch list as screens/roadblocks. I have a cheap 80 point unit with 10 wounds and a 6+/6+ save and that's what I'd swap out for 5 warriors for 90 points as that'd be 10 wounds with a 4+ save with shields. 

For a Blades of Khorne army, I'd still only take Chaos Warriors because I preferred them over the Blades units (rules or appearance). So, do you actually want to use them? If not, don't worry about. If yes, than it's just a matter of figuring out what you want to use them for. I'd probably recommend not going with Halberds as you'd want large units to make use of the range and you'll probably want to save those points for the nonbattleline Khorne goodies. Plus, it's cheaper to not have to buy weapons that don't come in the box. Can't go wrong with shields, but if you wanted something more offensive I think they're decent with the greatblades and it's not very hard to convert to greatblades without buying anything extra. 

For a Khorne army, I imagine it might be better to make the warriors defensive anvils since they're already great at that and since the majority of the khorne options are going to be more offensive than defensive. 

Another mentionable use for Chaos Warriors is as blood sacrifices. With Gore Pilgrims being so popular in Blades of Khorne and Blood Sacrifice being used to inflict mortal wounds on friendly units to farm Blood Tithe there are two options. 1) Take 10+ blood reavers as sacrifices and go to town, or 2) Take Chaos Warriors with shields to negate a third of the mortal wounds you deal (d3 over 5 turns is avg 10 mortal wounds). 

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I run them with my Blades of Khorne Forces, with Halbards a block of 25 form a wall around my Slaughter Priests and Blood Secrator. I have been known to pile on the spells and march them towards a objective to clear it. Full Block of 20 with +1 Attack, From the Blood Secrator, another from a Aspiring Death Bringer, Re-rolls to wound from the Stoker, and +2 to hit from Prayers is 80 hits on 2+... 

but that has started beeing my play style with Blades, Massive Buff one unit and charge it forward each turn force my opponent to deal with it before buffing another unit and launching it in as the next wave. 

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