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Where to find all Endless Spells


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I'm wondering if there are any other endless spells that I'm unaware of. I bought the Malign Sorcery box and know that I still need to get the Balewind Vortex. I also know that  there are some Nighthaunt and Beasts of Chaos endless spells that have been released. So:

1) Who has access to these endless spells? As a Disciples of Tzeentch player, do I have access to endless spells that are associated with other allegiances? What about Chaos allegiances that are not specifically Tzeentch?

2) Is there anywhere I can find a list of all the endless spells? Malign Sorcery has a good list, but it does not include the new ones. 

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1) At present all of the generic Endless Spells that can be used by any mage are in the Malign Sorcery box, with the exception of the Balewind Vortex. The box also contains all the rules for those spells on warscroll cards as well as other realm magic in the book that comes with that kit.

2) The faction specific Endless Spells have their warscrolls on the GW website (under the product page for the sets in the download tab). And the kit will also come with the rules as well. These are not limited to only their own faction but ARE keyworded so that they can only be cast by a specific keyword unit. For example the Stormcast Endless spells can only be cast by "Stormcast Eternal Wizards". 

In practical terms this means that you can buy them for an army that has at least one Stormcast Eternal wizard within it (eg an ally), though it still can only be cast by that character (or any others you take who are also Stormcast Eternal Wizards). 

3) I don't think there's a comprehensive list save on the Warscroll Builder on the GW website. 


Note you have to pick a faction before it will show them (last tab on the builder) but it will show them all, including those that have a wizard restriction on casting (because you could be taking an ally mage with you) 

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Okay, so since my keywords are CHAOS, TZEENTCH, and ARCANITE (mostly) I'll probably only be able to use the new Beasts of Chaos ones. I'm not sure if there are any others, maybe there're some Everchosen ones. 


Oh, no. The Beasts of Chaos spells specifically say they can only be used by Beasts of Chaos wizards 😓  

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Yep and I figure that most of the other faction specific ones will be similar. It's neat because it means that you can still take them as an ally, when normally allied mages don't get access to many spells (since they can't use another factions spell lore and can't bring their own when they are brought into an allied army). So it makes allied mages a more viable option, but only if you want those endless spells. 

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