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Wild Realms narrated by Tzeentch


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So I'm starting both Beasts of Chaos and Tzeentch and considnering how good the Phantasmagoria is, I'm just gonna combine the two into a unified whole.

Thus the Prince of Change looks down upon the Realms and was disapointed in how everything stayed the same. So he sends his first disciple down and offers up forbidden knowledge to the beasts of the wastes. Within Screllix Prince of Vexation, the Beasts would scream and gibber as their minds twisted and broke, allowing the voice and power of Tzeentch to fill them. Screllix wanders with the Beasts, teaching them that the power they crave comes with sacrifice. Change to create change. Many of the Beasts instantly plucked out their eyes to offer up to the Prince.

Digging through my old bits box I found an old school metal flamer, it looked like a horrible bird head and what better way to start Tzeentch than with a transformation!



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