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AoS 2.0 - Skaven mixed army list


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Hi, i’m a new AOS player. Some days ago i restarted painting my skaven miniatures after a hiatus of 5 years. I need some advice on how to build a good 1000/1500p list with the minis i have and eventually what can i add to them. I’d like to use a mixed skaven list or eventually only skryre. I have: 

-1 skaven warlord 

-2 warlock engineers 

-2 packmasters

-80 clanrats

-5 acolytes 

-3 stormfiends

-1 Wind-mortar launcher

-1 warpfire thrower

-1 doomwheel 

-4 rat ogres

What do you think?


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Skaven is just getting updated. The new model got spoiled today and a message that more skaven news will follow in the coming weeks. I would advice to not paint yourself into a burnout just yet and stick with painting stuff such as stormfiends, engineers since those are most likely to get updated. Also clanrats are likely to stay in verminus.


As for a 1000 list, you cannot go wrong with clanrats. 2 units of 40 + a warlord are a great force of their own already. You could add a unit of stormfiends, but you may need something like a warplightning cannon or two for some ways to deal with high save enemies.

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Same on the advice to not paint yourself a burnout. But more as a general life suggestion ;) 

Update could still also be a Skryre update or a combined tome in my mind so it's all up in the air right now. 

Looking at your list I would bring: 

100 Warlord
100 Engineer
60 Packmaster

400 2x40 clanrats

290 3 Stormfiends

Total 950 + 1 command point.

The engineer can also be upgraded to arch warlock for 40 points more but you'll lose the command point, which is pretty important to have in the bank to save your clanrats from battleshock in the first turn if you don't get priority. 
Support the clanrats with a warlord that hangs back, the Engineer adds some ranged threat D6 mortal wounds a 18" range is really good at 1000 pts & your packmaster can whip the Stormfiends for extra charge range and more importantly +1 to hit. Those are your hammer to break and tie up your opponent. 

Your clanrats will be MVP if played right. Keep retreating and charging in such a way you always get the best hits vs return hits and to keep yourself on the objectives. That's also where the warlord comes in. Although he can punch pretty well and retreat, its almost more important to have him (or another hero) nearby to deal with battleshock. So maybe add Crown of Conquest for preventing battleshocks within 6" (not wholly so you can chain your clanrats a bit to get him in range)

For traits I like Cunning Deciever, more command points is more help with battleshock and more room to do 'gnash gnaw on their bones'. 

On 'Gnash-gnaw on their bones'. The warlord rules now state wholly within. Which can be tricky. If you field him as Skritch Spiteclaw (the warlord model you get with the shadespire warband) you do lose -1 rend compared to a warlord with Warpforged blade, but 'Gnash-gnaw on their bones' works within 13". Which means the difference between keeping a whole unit within range of your warlord or just one model of the unit. But that's up to you, we decided not to be gimmicky about it and just play it as 'within 13" ' in our group for all warlords.

But after all that. Just say high in the verminious Skaven threat. There are a lot of good players waiting to help you out there.

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