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Bloodreaver Unit Size Question


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I've made a New Year's resolution to finally get an AoS army on the table this year, and I've got a timeline planned out for my first 1000 points of Khorne, which will include 40 Bloodreavers as I love the models so much.  However, I'm not sure how best to field them.

  • One 40-model unit:
    • 6 points a model instead of 7
    • Might actually survive long enough to hold an objective
    • Might actually survive a charge to attack back
  • Four 10-model units
    • Increased tactical flexibility
    • More (and easier) Blood Tithe points
    • Four Chieftains instead of one
  • Two 20-model units
    • Split the difference between the other two options

Any suggestions?

P.S.  If it makes a difference, I plan to eventually build towards a Dark Feast battalion at higher points values.


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I've been running Dark Feast in 1000 point games by splitting my 40 reavers into one unit of twenty and two units of ten. The 20-man unit is meant to be the primary strike, while the 10-man "wings" guard the advance of heroes. I guess it kind of splits the split difference 😄. It's tight, points-wise, but it is really nice not worrying about battleshock with them.

I'm dubious about leaving reavers on objectives because reavers that aren't fighting aren't a whole lot of good to me. I prefer blood warriors on objectives because they can stick around (at least they have for me--I had one survive three rounds being completely surrounded by chainrasps). But I guess a few units of of them could chain out in deployment to block enemies teleporting close to the objectives.

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Another alternative if you want objective holders is Chaos Marauders. They have a 5+ save and 10 models for 60 points, making them cheaper and sturdier than Reavers!

Only downside is they are garbage in melee compared to Reavers, so they are purely there as a meat wall.

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13 hours ago, Kazimer said:

That's the power of kitbashing and proxies! I use Beastmen as Tzaangors for my 40k army because I dont want Beakie boys.


15 hours ago, DrJekyll325 said:

Maybe if we get better models for them at some point...  😉

Bloodreavers with shields strapped on would make good converted marauders too. The only issue is base size but depending on your opponent I don't think many people will complain.

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16 hours ago, DrJekyll325 said:

Maybe if we get better models for them at some point...  😉

You can find a number of good kits to mix in with them, Spare arms from the reaver box's. Heads from the horsemen kit. And some of the non-lasgun arms from the 40k Catachen kits are also all very good. 

See some of my conversions below. 



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