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Creating the Skirmish that Everyone Wanted


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So, following on from a recent post of mine, I'd like to suggest that as a community we create a kill-team-esque version of skirmish, based on very small groups of chaff or a single hero: 

Insidious: An Unofficial Warhammer Age of Sigmar Expansion

(name in development😉)


Basically, Insidious is urban warfare in the mortal realms, predominantly between witch-hunters (which are customisable, and you pay for certain equipment) and other factions like a horde of chainrasps, kairic acolytes, gloomspite grots, or zombies etc.

Please reply or DM me if you are interested in helping out, or have a few ideas.


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Err, what we got in White Dwarf was exactly what I wanted. I prefer the current Skirmish version. And I am not alone.

I get you were going for impact with your subject heading though and I am not against your idea at all - it sounds great! Just scratches a different itch. Best of luck with the unofficial expansion.

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