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Old player from Spain


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Hi forum.

I'm a warhammer fantasy and 40k old veteran (well maybe not very old). I started 18 years ago, and now I just started playing AoS. I converted my classic dwarf army into a dispossessed one (i miss my old war machines -.-), and my demons of Tzeentch into a disciples of Tzeentch army. I only play a few games, but I'm already enjoying this new version of fantasy a lot. I'm not a very competitive player, I prefer playing narrative games with my friends using a thematic list. This year i want to start a destruction army, but I can't choose between ironjawz, beastclaw raiders, or an army of trolls from the new "night goblins" battletome. I hope a get the answer here :)

Also, I'm not used to writing or speak in English so I'm sorry if sometimes I make some mistakes. I want to take this opportunity to get better at it. 


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Welcome (back) to AOS! 

I play ironjawz from time to time while a friend plays beastclaw raiders. Both aren't quite top tier as they were one of the earlier AOS books to be written, but both are still pretty strong. Gameplay wise BCR are super elite, super fast, heavy hitters, although with little to no resistance against magics, you may have a tough time as the current meta supports magic. IJ on the other hand, are somewhat more flexible, with decent spellcasting with the Weirdnob and a couple fast units (gore grunta, Maw Krusha). Overall IJ is a pretty slow army, though, and units are quite expensive point-wise. Based off of what has been released so far, trolls/ troggoths point-wise seem in line with most of the other elite destruction units, although this may be considered as being more expensive when compared to other grand alliances. Hopefully the tome will reveal more troggoth synergies!

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