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Any idea how to improve this list?


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Hey guys,

I would love to ask for some asistance on this list. Any toughts or suggestion is appreciated.
I will most likely to be up against Sancrocast chamber, Celestar ballista, Nighthaunt and Clan Skryre lists.
My list is as follows. (havent decied on the artefact and command trait yet)

Anointed on Frostheart - 280
Anointed on Frostheart - 280
Drakeseer - 300
Archmage -100
Loremaster -140

5x Reavers - 140
5x Reavers - 140
5x Reavers - 140
20x Phoenix Guard - 280
10x Swordmasters - 160

Aether. Pendulum - 40

Feels like im low on chaff.  What would you guys suggest ? 
Thanks for anyone who is willing to take the time to read  and/or reply. :)


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Any suggestion on what battleline to take  ? i could drop the swordmasters and one unit of reavers to take a bigger blob of something. 
im not really an experienced player so i would like to hear what options i got. (whats viable)

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On 1/4/2019 at 11:03 PM, Lucio said:

Seems awfully low on actual Battleline units, I'd strongly suggest rethinking the list to make Battleline units the core choice, not a "oh well I Guess I'll takr the cheapest"

What does this mean? Do you mean that he should make the army Phoenix Temple allegiance and take lots of Guard as Battleline?

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Here is a list i enjoy playing:



Frost Phoenix - General

Dragonlord (artefact Ignax scales) (horn)

Archmage on horse



Reavers x5

Reavers x5

Glade Guard x10



Dragon blades x5

Dragon blades X5

Phoenix Guard x20

Swordmaster x 20


Use reavers for objective grabbing, Archmage makes a big bubble (and give Phoenix a +1 save) Rush the Phoenix and Guard and charge from the other side with the Order Draconis folks. Hammer and anvil.

The Swordmasters will join the skirmish later on to mop whatever is left.

Not gonna tell you it is a World Winning list, but is fun and got variety.

Sometimes i like to get my High Elf repeating crossbow and use the Celestar Balista Warscroll. Works pretty well.



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