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Stealing Summoning Spells


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Does anyone know how it works to cast enemy spells when the enemy spells are tied to faction-specific things?

The Lord of Change and Curseling in Disciples of Tzeentch can steal and cast enemy spells. How would this work in the case of Sylvaneth's Branchwraith's Roused To Wrath spell that summons dryads? Can I use dryads in such a situation? 

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Just now, carnith said:

I don't see why not. It's a bit of a weird situation, but I'd totally let a tzeentch player do it. Hell if I ever do that with a lord of change, I might have to go tzeentchify some Dryads.

So then, they'd benefit from the Sylvaneth player's Wyldwood, too? 

I imagine there are other weird cases like this, but my buddy just started playing Sylvaneth so it's only a matter of time. 

Chaos dryads would be awesome.

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