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Fan-Made Battletome... Need Help

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After watching the Stormcast interview with Sam Pearson, I had the sudden craving to create my own battletome... basically I'm looking for people to help think of a faction, and create a battletome centered around it.

I'm completely open to any ideas or critiques, so please reply or DM me if you'd like to help.



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I've been thinking in these lines myself, first after hearing Steve Foote talk about how he was moving towards creating warscrolls/rules for narrative content rather than trying to find equivalencies, and then more after Sam's excellent interview. I'm embarking on a project for a narrative event this year that needs battletomes, so I'll be tinkering with this stuff quite a bit!

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After I painted the Eyes of the Nine I really got the urge to create a small Skirmish sized Tzeentch warband.

The idea being they’d be led by the grand vizier, Fluxus Kaa’Pah’Sitor, of a city state who had fallen to chaos and corrupted a close circle of the ruling elite and their personal guard.

The plan was to try and create a campaign based on small city street battles as they reveal themselves and try to claim the city.

One idea I’d had for them as a quirky, thematic ability was ‘Just as Planned’,  before the game the Tzeentch player gets to make their turn priority dice rolls for every round, make a note of and then hide the results. 

They cant modify the results or affect their opponents but they will know in advance whether they have high or low scores and can plan accordingly. I did think maybe they could swap a couple of the results around but wasn’t sure if that could be overpowering.

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@JPjr Yeah, you could have Kill Team-like rules to represent the urban warfare, and maybe special warscrolls to represent the elite guard (Umbral Guard, etc.), named witch hunters or lord-veritants, special rules for mercenaries etc.


Almost like what everyone hoped the skirmish update would be like...😉

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I'd say you need to find inspiration first before rallying a group of people to write for it, you can usually tell in a battletome or codex if the people writing for it understood the concept, motivations and themes of the army but more importantly had the passion for it. Every warscroll should be a delicate balance of rules and narrative to stick close to a theme, for GW this is all started out by models produced and then balancing the models appearance against their own narrative and the rules around it.

So to my mind you'd probably have a very different motivation needed for say... fans of old brettonia battletome than you would for a new and completely unique battletome themed around shadow etc.

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I didn't even see back than that I was mentioned by @BorbHobby here, all that time ago.

Normally I should have done an update for the Brotherhood of Korhil when Cities of Sigmar arrived but I could say the same for the Maidenguard, or the Shadow Guild.

I think the the Brotherhood was the most interesting one of them. It's basicly the idea to bring something special into the mortal realms. Sadly when GW stopped selling the White Lions and other models, we lost the parts to make those models authentic.

There was actually a very interesting model from Ben Spinetti that could fit into my brotherhood as well:



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