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Andrew Yells' 2019 Daily Hobby


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On the morning of 2019 I woke and assembled my endless spells.  Yesterday I finished painting them.  I will matt these models the next time I get my airbrush out.


I also based 20 ardboyz for the ardfist battalion.  I have a few more ardboyz to finish up today.  These will be unit champs.


I am in the process of re-doing my ironjawz.  This was the first army I got in 2016 and I did not know how to paint.  Now they are looking good.  I have a few more brutes and a shaman to finish upgrading.  

I went in on this whole army and fixed some bad color choices, some texture on leather, and some highlights, and also contrast on faces.  They need to be varnished as some of the washes were glossy.




Currently I am assembling my tzeentch mortals army.  

I also have a pile of models I am selling that  I got onto ebay. 


Today's work:  Assemble tzeentch, finish ardboyz, start orc banners, flock some skaven and put nurgles rot technical paint on them.

Goals this year:  Buy less, paint more, like everyone else.  Keep 3 projects at a time.  One of easy level, one medium, and one high level.  Keep the paint desk clean (this is essential, we have limited space in our house).  Hobby one hour every night.  This goes hand in hand with a personal resolution to set firmer boundaries with my job.  I need to turn my computer off at 6:00 and do not answer emails afterwords.  Evenings should be for hobby, reading, and being with my wife and dog.  

Tournaments scheduled:
January - Waaaghpaca
February - Anime Milwaukee
March - Adepticon
May - Brewcity Brawl

Immediate steps to these goals: 
finish the backlog of unpainted ironjawz (5 brutes, 1 warchanter, 1 grot shaman, 2 spear chukka conversions)
sell off unused sprues

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Today I finished these ardboyz for unit champs.


I also flocked these skaven and put nurgles rot on them.  I have 70 rats done for skaven.  The army is looking nice and I look forward to finishing it.  Hopefully the new book will be available for adepticon.




I made a name placard and some banners for my Ironjawz.  Completed one banner and did half another. 




They worship the iron moon (grots have it all wrong... its da iron moon)


I also assembled some tzeentch demons and enlightened on disc.  I have some chaos chosen coming and they will be on the discs and I will sell the 3x enligthen on foot.

My dog kept me company all day.


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17 hours ago, Shearl said:

Great stuff! I really like your banners, what is your technique?


*very cute dog too


Draw the banner shape and the design outline, leave extra dangle room on top for the connection to loop around the banner pole.
Color with an off white, then glaze with your favorite inks by stippling and swiping.  I use reikland flesh, agrax earthshade, and my favorite brown red which is terracotta red model air.  Any browns and off browns will do.  Then i poke and stipple with some pure sepia ink.  

Then draw your picture.  

Do the outline with a pen.  Do NOT use sharpie.  Sharpies fade.  Use archival ink.  Micron pen is archival ink and are very cheap.

Make little dots and an outline with the micron pen to give dimension.  Cut it out.  Paint the edges (or use a brush pen) black.  Use PVA glue to glue it to the banner.  If you do a very large banner, dip the whole thing in watered down PVA glue.  You can shape it and mold it to look like it has more movement this way.

I LOVE painting banners with acrylic because they dry so fast and glazes often only need 2 layers to get a good gradient.

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Today I was shopping all day and went to work in the morning.  Got some horus heresy novels to read and some ink and clay from the art store.  

I will be doing tzeentch in a comic book style.  I'll have the test model done this weekend.  I got some reccomended super black acrylic india ink for the blacklining technique from the art guy who said he uses it every day.

I assembled some pink horrors this morning.

I started sculpting the lord of change base.  It is coming out of a destroyed realmgate.  Tomorrow I will glue it down and start sculpting the rocks and stuff around the pillars, then water effects will go on top to make it look like an open portal.


Also, sort of hobby, I made these binders for myself and @heywoah_twitch to use to do match play at the shop.  They have realmscape rules, realm spells, and match play battle plans all in one location instead of spread over 3 books!



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Today I blacklined the warqueen.  I think she is done.  Have to paint her arm bracer then she is complete.  I am ready to do this on the whole mortals army.



I assembled blue horrors for summoning.  Almost ready for priming this army.


I started a display board for the ironmoon megajawz.


I started objective tokens for the clobberboyz's tailgate party



And some banners.  For a surprise.


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Finished assembling Tzeentch.  Started basing them.  Next is also to use water effects to sculpt the portal for the lord of change.




Just have one more objective model to do for the Ironjawz and the ardfist list is complete.  Ardfist battalion, 50 ardboyz, 5 brutes, 3 pigs, warchanter, maw krusha, and shaman.  Did two brutes and the shaman today and two objectives.






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Allegiance: Tzeentch

Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars (180)
Lord of Change (380)
The Blue Scribes (140)
Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch (160)

5 x Chaos Warriors (90)
- Hand Weapon & Shield
20 x Chaos Marauders (120)
- Axes
5 x Chaos Warriors (90)
- Hand Weapon & Shield
20 x Chaos Marauders (120)
- Axes

10 x Chaos Knights (320)
- Ensorcelled Weapons
1 x Chaos Warshrine (160)
3 x Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc (140)

Endless Spells
Balewind Vortex (40)
Chronomantic Cogs (60)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 143

There are options for command traits and artefacts.  Either the changeling gets an increased unbind range to try and snatch spells, or the lord of change gets the double fate points to summon more blue horrors.  It will depend on how I value summoning after trying to play a bit.

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