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New from North Missouri

Ken Mitchell

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LONG time Warhammer FB player (I started in 4th edition when the box set came out in 1992), I had almost bought the 3rd book but the big box of minis sold me (I still have some of those grots here & there).  Basically I played all the way into the transition to 8th, when I got involved in other things.

When the world blew up, AOS didn't interest me... Like many, I suppose, I was annoyed that all of my models were obsolete(ish) overnight, and I found GW's transition to be... well... I won't use the words I thought because I don't use that kind of language in public.

Sometime in the fall, though, I started looking at the Stormcast miniatures, and I decided I just liked them. I've always had a HUGE Khorne army (since the start of my WFB days) so I bought the box set and the wife and I started painting (we both paint, she's better than I am but I'm a lot faster so we usually end up with me doing the under-stuff and she finishes them up. None of my AOS armies are painted entirely by me, but some of my WFB stuff is all mine, if anybody cares. Some do, I don't.

She plays as well, or at least has in the past. Her Tomb Kings are/were her painting pride and joy on the WFB side.

I found this place by doing a google search to see if anybody is getting their shorts in a bunch over round vs. square basing. I don't want to re-base most of my armies because I plan on playing Kings Of War with them...

I'm going to be selling off a few of my WFB armies in the future, but I promise not to spam you with them, I hate it when somebody new does that. 

I'll post some pix of some of our stuff.

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