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MYCL Event Thirty-Four - Age Of Sigmar 2000pts Race For The Gate - March 2nd (Fitchburg, WI)


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2000 Point Age of Sigmar Event

Noble Knight Games - Fitchburg, Wisconsin

This will be a 2000 pt Age of Sigmar Event.
1.) You will need 4 copies of your list
2.) BRING a written or typed THEME for you army!
3.) You will also need your armies and all accoutrements to play your army.

Painting will not be required but will be judged... IN addition any unit that is not painted or is just primed will be granted reroll "1"'s to hit.
Prizes will be based on attendance but will be:
Champion of Sigmar - Best overall
Shiny - Best Painted
Paragon Man - Best Sportsman
The DUDE - Best Theme

The Realms are restless, the tides are shifting and new magics are making areas of the realms unstable..... The realmgates are all important. You must get to a realmgate.... maybe another realm is safer or more stable?
In these troubled times will you protect your own? Take this time to wreak havoc on the weak? Destroy and maim? Will you survive this turbulent time?

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