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Creatures of Order

Joseph Mackay

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so firstly a little background. I regularly play within a mixed group of mostly 'play for fun' types with a couple of competitive players. most of us regularly attend local tournaments and as such mostly run somewhat competitive lists (im not one of them. i tend to run the models i like and hope for the best).

since the launch of aos and the Grand Alliance system, i tend to struggle with choosing an army and sticking with it as theres just so many models from so many different armies that i like. because of these i tend to start a project but never finish it and have bits and pieces from most armies i like.

so heres what i want to do. my favourite models are the beasts/animals/creasures. i want to run a mixed order list using mostly these sorts of units but at the same time i dont want to be constantly run over by the more competitive lists, so id like some help with lists i could do.
as far as other units id need within the army (like battleline), i generally like the Stormcast units, Aelves (dark verriety mostly), Dwarfs (fyreslayers and the heavy armoured dispossessed)

heres the list of the models i like the most within Grand Alliance Order:
Darkling Covens/Order Serpentis
-Sorcoress/Dreadlord on Black Dragon
-War Hydra
-Drakespawn Knights/Chariots
Daughters of Khaine
-Blood Sisters/Blood Stalkers/Bloodwrack Medusa
Free Peoples
-Demigryph Knights
-Freeguild General on Griffon
Idoneth Deepkin
-Akhelian King/Volturnos
-Fangmora Eeels (Morrsarr/Ishlaen Guard)
-Stegadon/Engine of the Gods
-Terradon/Ripperdactyl Riders
-Gryph Chargers
-Gryph Hounds
-Kurnoth Hunters

any ideas what i could do to make a somewhar decent army of Creatures of Order?

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