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Skaven post bar. Strengths and weaknesses


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Hi folks.

since the bar list my aggressive Skaven deck has taken a massive hit with over 16 restricted and 3 banned cards in it.

my question is, what place do the Skaven hold now, and what would that deck consist of? Objective play,  aggressive still viable etc?

i am going to the grand clash in Jan (my first one) and am not happy with my current deck I’ve constructed, so would love to read your experiences and input with them now. 

Cheers :) 

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Mind posting your deck? If you're not happy with it and are committed to changing it, you won't exactly be spilling any secrets :)

Some initial thoughts:

  1. Other warbands are almost certainly better at holding objectives.
  2. Full-on Super Saiyan Skritch play is probably dead, but Skritch can certainly get some work done.
  3. You can almost certainly leverage the return-to-play mechanic to score Extreme Flank and hold-objective cards in conjunction with Mischievous Spirits. Moving objectives onto starting hexes and picking boards with starting hexes on the edges seems like an easy way to make this happen. (Sure, you have to lose a fighter to do this. Have you played a lot of games in which you didn't lose a single fighter?)
  4. You can also use Nightvault's token/activation mechanics to get extra mileage out of a single weapon card, such as the Shadeglass Dagger. (If the attack doesn't succeed, you can resurrect the fighter and make it again.)

Regarding faction-specific cards:

  1. Arm's Length seems easy enough to score if you plan to fight with Skritch at all.
  2. Skritch Is the Greatest, Yes-Yes still looks like a good score-immediately card.
  3. Aversion to Death is a fantastic push card.
  4. Momentary Boldness requires some setup but can do some work, especially in conjunction with a weapon upgrade. Extra Charge actions are pretty good!
  5. Expendable is a good means of stealing 1 glory from an opponent.
  6. If your meta is heavy with swarm warbands (Thorns, Gitz, and Guard), Whirling Halberd can do some work.

Those are all off the top of my head.

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Hey thanks for your reply :)


heres my deck. Going off your points, I do feel my deck lacks a little focus, sort of going aggro but not very well, and not doing anything else that well either. If you can suggest some changes to make it more functional I will definitely give them a try :)


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