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Sylvaneth Wyldwood - Impeding Movement Across the Table and Objectives



Hey guys,

Some questions and food for though about Sylvaneth Wyldwoods. I was playing in a tournament and went up against Sylvaneth 2.0 for the first time. A few things came up during my game with my opponent (Who was a super cool guy btw, none of this is a critique on the opponent or tournament whatsoever. It was a jolly good time)

As the rules currently read, The Wyldwoods are a huge problem for armies that have huge bases. Based on what we have read in the core rules, the trees are meant to be there, and to be moved around, or over. The idea that the wyldwoods are just a forest template, and you can just move the trees out of the base to make it easier to play isn't really correct because in the 2.0 core rules, they state that you need to move around or over terrain features, including trees, and they specifically call out, "trees".

The way this currently is, I see this as a huge problem. For something with the potential footprint as the wyldwoods do, that really impedes the other player in trying to play the game, especially if they have large bases in their army. In my specific game, my opponent had 3 separate wyldwoods dropped by turn 1 and they were all over the objectives and covered a huge part of the table.

It is my opinion, that these wyldwoods already do plenty of cool things, their rules are neat, and with the addition of LOS blocking for shooting, they are already an imposing force.

Something with the kind of footprint that Wyldwoods have, should not impede movement. I believe that these things should just be treated as forest templates (Fancy Templates yes). Thoughts? Are people treating them differently?

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It actually a lot harder to do than you think.  You get 1 free, prob 2 bases of woods as most boards dont have room for 3.  Then 1 from an acorn (another 2 bases), and 1 'maybe' from a spell (dispelling is much easier now).  after that your opponent can just block the space with models to stop them going down.  Having played with and against a fair bit the mechanic whilst frustrating at first is not as bad once you work out the counters.


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18 minutes ago, Paul Buckler said:

Thats how they work, a  very common occurance at most tournaments is Sylvaneth players use woods block up the board.  Of course hobbying at home or at a local club, treating them in another fashion would be perfectly acceptable, and possibly preferable if all invovled agree.


Absolutely. Just to be clear, I am not denying thats how they work. If that wasn't clear above then I apologize. 


My intent is more in stating that I don't believe thats how they should work. I wanted to gauge the temperature in the room, like is this seen as ok?

I can't see why allowing someone to block off entire parts of the board even objectives for some people would be seen as acceptable in a competitive meta. 

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