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Help with Cygor


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Hello All, 

I'm having issue building a cygor

All was fine, until I got the part where you build the first arms. These 2 parts for the beasts left arm (17 and 18) don't seem to fit together properly. I either seem to have massive gaps no matter on how I try to fit them together. 

Has anyone tried this kit and is anyone able to help with this? 

I've included a picture showing how best I can get it to fit. 15462676497983090433024049118015.jpg.89bca009c2a10758876e3b3e680f271c.jpg15462675679615552065987789141412.jpg.abe84453d8be66dcaf22becbce4dbc0a.jpg

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I don’t have the kit myself but it looks like you might need to spin/twist the upper arm 90 degrees, so that the straps etc. on the lower arm are “facing” the straps on the upper arm (i.e. with the inner elbow angle directly in between them)... maybe?

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