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Shadespire long distance.


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Hanging out with an old mate of mine over Xmas got me addicted to Shadespire. Got a few groups playing in my local area but would like to still play my friend who lives in another state.
Thought I would attempt some games over webcam or something. I was hoping for a bit of advice about how I could set this up.
We have matching Nightvault boxes and could use proxies of each others models if we invest in new teams.
I was also going to set up a simple rig to film from above.
Any other ideas or potential pit falls that might occur would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help.


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Hey dude,

I do the same thing on a near weekly basis. My friend has the webcam set up so it is above the board. At first I would mirror his board in front of me but the resolution on the screen was good enough so I didn't have to. A few things we discovered that helped us speed up our gameplay:

  • Use the scatter template like a compass when setting up objectives and models. Being able to say "Three Hammers away from the centre title" is a lot easier for the webcam user to work out where you want the objective placed/starting spot of a model than trying to explain from any other point of reference
  • Find some way to mark the Objective tokens so the Objective number is more visible. We use a small coin with the number stuck on it so it doesn't take up much space and the models can stand on the objective easier.
  • Our House rule - Only play with the warbands and cards the player with the smallest collection has (my friend only started with Nightvault ). This means that you both are on a level playing field and you can both look up the card when trying to understand the wording in game.


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On 1/6/2019 at 1:03 AM, Attackmack said:

Hmm...Is there perhaps an Underworlds module available for TTS or Vassal? That could be worthwile to check out 

I just checked Tabletop Simulator's workshop, there's currently a spanish version of the core Shadespire game, and some kind of a deck thing but I don't know which cards it contains. I suppose you could combine those to play in English. Beware though, these mods might get taken down at any time.

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