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Beasts of Chaos, Tzaangor Enlightened unit size?


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Going to add some Tzaangor enlightened+Skyfires to my army roster as sort of 'Elite troops' supported by a Tzaangor shaman but wondering how many to include in the roster?

I was thinking of a unit of 6 each to act as a sort of assault squad to harass the flanks and take objectives.

How do you (those that use Enlightened/Skyfires) use them?  

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As @themortalgod said beast of chaos dont care for big squads as much. 9 man enlightend units do have the benefit of having enough models to charge and attack first. However 3-three man units can all charge the same unit and take advantage of thier attacking second bonus. 


In tzneetch you want 9 man units. For one it's very thematic. More importantly though, is that you van use fold reality and bring back a potential 6 models back  so you need the room in the unit. Also since a 1 roll kills the unit you want to make sure the risk is actualy worth the rewards. 


Also play wise between the two armies DoT strives to snipe specific targets, where a big strike squad is very valuable. While BoC excels at maintaining long form combats, so lots of small forces tend to be stronger.

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