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1500 nighthaunt list advice please


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Hi guys, just picked up the game and started buying Nighthaunt. Currently I have Spirit Hosts and Black Coach so this is a list I came up with. I'd be thankful for your advise as I have little to no experience:



-Lady Olynder   [240] - General

-Mounted Knight of Shrouds [140]

- Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern [140]

- Spirit Torment [120]


3x Spirit Hosts [120]

3x Spirit Hosts [120]


20 x Bladegheist Revenant [320]


- Black Coach [280]

TOTAL: 1480/1500

So what do you guys think? I haven't added any relics, traits, lores, etc as I'm a bit lost with that.

PD. I've also thought about changing Olynder for Kurdoss and run the ruler of the spirit hosts trait on the torment.

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I'd say split the blades into 2 units of 10, it's really hard to get all 20 into combat and they're all meant to be in combat - they're not a grinder unit. 
Spirit Hosts REALLY benefit from any rerolls to hit, so the torment can go with them, the guardian of souls should go with the blades.

You also basically have a Shroudguard Battalion there, may be worth dropping something to get that in. 
Ruler of the spirit hosts is quite amazing, but better on larger units of hosts than 3. Pendant of the fell wind is a decent artefact to make your bladegheists run up faster. 

Is the Coach a must? It has some synergies with hosts but it's not that amazing currently, if you drop the coach you can bump one of the Host units to 6, take the Shroudguard battalion AND have 80 points left over which gives you a command point. 

Also, isn't it 3 battleline for 1.5k?

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