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GW doesn't know what they are doing with Khorne


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The followinn opinions in this post rely on personal experience.
They are based on actual information, that where taken from erratas and FAQ's,

but could contain mistakes due to interpretation.
No person should at any time take opinions as a personal offense, as nobody certainly wants to
actually hurt someone's feeling in any way.

The intention of this actual topic, is to collect mainly opinions and experience of actual Blades of Khorne players.
This topic should be treated in a freindly manner, as it shall be a free discussion, but should stay with the theme of this topic itself.

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I opened this particualr post within a number of several posts, that I wanted to be 100% about Blades of Khorne.
It would be very nice, if the people could give a little information, how long they play the army now and then go further to their opinions and experiences.

I play Khorne since the release of Age of Sigmar itself.
At these days, there was actually the army book called "Khorne Bloodbound".

I have to admit, that I am angry. Disapointed. Feeling Mistreated and betrayed. I am actually very mad.

That's why I want to share my experience, that I amde through the years with my army "Blades of Khorne".
It is my absolut favorite army, and will be.

When I began to play, it was not really easy to get into the game, as AoS was totally new to me, and BoK was concidered to be a though to learn army.
To actually use that amount of synergies was a little struggle, but the starter box these days helped to get into it pretty nice.
I played a lot of games to learn handle my army, and got battered a lot by the Stormcast army from the starter set.
I didn't balem anyone, because I thought, I might earn more experience. And that was very true, but SCE always where better than I could be.

So I decided to further extend my army, and the Battletome came around pretty quick. Blades of Khorne offered a lot of possibilities to build up a great force of warriors.
These days I decided to stay with the non-demon units, as I liked the idea of having actual berserk like units a little more.
It was a little struggle, but worked out just fine.
After some weeks I got the following units:

1 Bloodsecrator
1 Bloodstoker
1 Mighty Lord of Khorne
1 Skarr Bloodwrath
3 Slaughterpriest
2x10 Blood Warriors
4x5 Skullreapers / Wrathmongers
2x10 Blood Reavers

It was that time, when we had to actually reserve the point value, to bring summonable units up on the filed, or field Skarr again by using his ability.
The games went better and better, and I was able to defeat some players, that actually had really nasty army lists. My winning rate was at 10% and I was really willing to learn more.

Thats when I bought even more units and my lists went better and better.

At that point, the first "regulation" came, that actually changed the value of literally all battalions.
This was real thing actually, because I couldn't use the battalions anymore, as we play 1250 point games in the local area, and tournaments are at the same point value.
So, I had to reconsider my army build, as I went on to play without battalions, and relied more on the synergies itself, wich worked out sometimes.

The games went more of a strugle from that time on. I searched for tips and was told, that I might concider to take demons in my army too. I didn't want that, but keeped the idea in reserve.

The the GH came and the point values where changed. That's when things went further away, from what i concidered to be okeyish.
At that time, I had a winning rate of 30%, wich went back to 10% after the General's Handbook.

Battalions where pointless for 1250 points.
Skullreapers became just not interesting with 180 point per unit. The yhave been at 140 points, when the Battletome came out. I had always concidered that to be ok, as they are not really soooooo strong, to be honest. They relied on buffing, where I had to actually use all 4 heros to make them scary enough.

I was really disappointed and thought, that it might stay as it is.

But then the ****** actually hit the fan. The battalions where changed. The units themself where changed, as for example, the Secrators shouldn't stack?!?
It all came together, when they reconsidered the point values again the the GH2018, where I really had hope, that it might get better. And YES, it went...different. Skullreapers at 170 points...thanks for nothing. Bloodletters to 120 was still ok, as they could be buffed very nice.

In generel, all the features, that made the army fluffy and scary for enemies, where literall taken away one after another.

Is Khorne supposted to be battered over and over again, so that little kiddies, that play those shiny posterboys, can be happy?!?

The non-demon units became lacklusters, even before GH18. So I had a look at the demons actually, that i didn't WANT to take primaly.
But, not enough of that, the demons also got fu**ed up with Wrath and Rapture, and even before by "balancing" battalions and point values.

Literally all of my units, that are at least a little viable of dealing damage, or have at least a little sustain are too expensive due to point cost.

Most of the other factions are just getting better and better designs, and we are just left behind with our friendly freindship synergy happiness army. The playstyle went way off, as we have to play literally perfectly, using all synergies at the correct time, in the correct place and have decend tactics.
And even then, we might reach the middle range of scoreboards, if we are good.

Bloodletters are much too expensive, for what they do now.
Bloodsecrators are still a must have, as our non-demonic units, that are SOOOOO FEARLESS AND ON FOR RAMPAGE have a bravery of 6.
Flesh Hounds are ok though.
Bloodcrusher are only charger bombs...no charge, no use of them. And even, when you managed to reach melee with them, they are sitting ducks, with 1 hit per model giving to the enemy. And you better don't roll a 1, after you charged, cause you won't do any wounds then. And if that happens, literally 10 points worthless.
Skullcrushers are ok, but why do they give the wounds still on 4+?!? And otherwise, they are slo sitting ducks.
Bloodsecrators...does anyone actually really use him?
Slaughterpriests...100 points for a supporter is a thing I could axept. But they should be renamed, because in melee they slaughter literally nothing.
Bloodreavers are glass canons, that should be spammed...if you have the money, really.
Skullgrinder...why isn't he a demon?!? Lord of Khorne on juggernaut...same.
The keywords are just garbage, you can't use the same strategies, becasue the keywords don't allow to. Why do other factions have better keyword designs, and we dont?!?

Wrath and Rapture was a real kick in the nuggets for me. Point value changed, mostly not reasonable at all. Profiles changed, absolutely ridiculous.

What is it GW? If you don't like Khorne armies, why don't you just straight sent the models, where you just sent Bretonnia, etc.?
It feels, like the actual designer(s) of this army like to beat people, that can't beat back.

I would like to get further detailed into the topic, but I had to rant a little.
Literally had nose bleeding, because of madness sometimes.

GW, please recognise, that with BoK

****** hit the fan
The train went offrail
The Boat has crashed the coast

It is enough now. If you keep doing this, you will loose a lot of players, just becasue of the same mistakes you already have done.
I hope, at least on of your employees reads this, and might concider to think about the stuff, you shoved up our faces.

Now I need to calm a little.


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I am not convinced by any of the arguements here. They're all things changed, I don't like change and "I don't understand some of the stats or decisions made by the design team"


Constructive criticism, especially for a wargame, needs comparatives and suggestions as to better courses of action.


For example, Skullcrushers, how do they stack up against Ironjawz Goregruntas, an arguably similar unit? Bloodcrushers vs Skullcrushers, much difference? (incidentally some of your info is wrong, Bloodcrushers *wound* on a 3+)

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I don't mean to sound dismissive, but how much have you played with the new changes? I know it sucks to be nerfed, but it's often not as bad as it seems - improvising and adapting will help you overcome the perceived challenges.

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+++ Mod Hat On +++

Two things...

1) there is already a topic about this faction 


2) this should have been posted in the Chaos section.


All for discussion about this but it needs to go in the right place. Also if you want GW to pay attention to you, post Constructive Feedback on their Facebook page or try and chat with studio staff at events (there’s an open day in a week or so).

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