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HELP! In search of bits help


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Hi all

Im searching for some bits and I thought that the TGA community may be able to help me out

Does anyone know when I may be able to find some...

I. flaming heads or helmets

2. flaming swords or lances

3. winged lancer styley back wings





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Some interesting ideas to be sure. If you are looking for flaming swords you might want to consider looking into some 40k weaponry. I can't think of any off hand but that might be a good place to start. 

Meanwhile, a lot of Freeguild models have a lot of feathers in their hats that you can try and take advantage of. 

Fyreslayers, while strangely not having much in the fire department, you can take advantage of their Mohawks or possibly the little bits of flame coming from the Hearthguard units. 

Another thing you could try is use the feathered back bits from a Ravenwing Bike Squad:



That may or may not help you with those. 

Apart from those ideas you can always try third party bits. There are plenty to go around there. You could also try creating the bits yourself by carving green stuff onto your models. 

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