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Yo guys got room for 1 more?


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Hello and happy new years everyone!

I'm just about to reenter the warhammer world, and i hope that you guys could maybe help me/inspire me, where to start.

I'm starting with a couple of friends, and we are probably gonna play around 1000-1500 points for quite some time.

I'm really unsure what to start as. Tbh i generally like most of the races and models - i just like the universe alot, so i'm up to playing and painting pretty much anything.

But seeing we are gonna be a couple of friends, playing for beers and "bragging-rights", it would be nice not getting steamrolled.

I know alot of people say that i should just pick whatever i like - but i honestly like alot of them!

I know that one of them picked Nurgles.

I hope you can help me with:

1: Giving me a ranking of the armies, when playing in the 1000-1500 points range. (Would be nice if they have a standing chance against Nurgles!)

2: Giving me "quick" intro to the meta in your top 2 (maybe even 3) picks. What should i buy to being with, and what's the general idea behind the way they are played? (How would the "perfect" 1000 point army for the given race look like).

3: Did i miss something?

I hope you'd spend a few minutes helping me out!

Sorry for the wall of text


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Welcome to TGA!

Playing games amongst mates actually gives you the biggest amount of flexibility and scope for games.  The "meta" tends to unfold on it's own as you work out what sort of games you enjoy playing.  Could be that you end up really enjoying playing themed battleplans where one side is at a disadvantage, or you might discover you love being more cut-throat and eking out every drop of potential out of a synergistic list.  The local group that I play with (around 8 people in all I think) tend to change depending on our moods and if we've any events coming up.  So we may play some competitive matched play games if we're off to a tournament, but if it's one of our "Game and Curry" get-togethers, we may bring a more random list and play a home made battleplan.

There are actually a few ways to play Nurgle so without knowing the list, it's quite difficult to make suggestions to counter.  Nurgle are super resilient, with a decent number of wounds, abilities to ignore damage and options to summon units.  I frequently play against Nurgle with an undead army with varying degrees of success - I probably have more wins than losses.  However games aren't quick as both armies are super durable so it turns into a bit of a slog-fest :D

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Hello Rune!

Thank you very much for your response!

I see, it makes sense.

Funny you mention the undeads, because i've decided that i'm probably gonna end up going with thoose - so i'm actually heading out to buy the starting-box as we speak now :)

Gonna start out with the skeleton-horde box, since i've heard, that for starters, it's a good idea to just go crazy on the skeletons and a necro

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Welcome Bumfunk.

You have chosen well to give your soul to the grand Necromancer. That way he won't have to take it by force. Ho Ho Ho!

The Skeleton Necro combo is a staple and a great way to start thing off. You can't go wrong with the Skeleton SC box though be ready to collect more skeletons as you grow your army lol. 

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If 1000 points are your thing Summoning Seraphon are totally great. In the general meta ... not so much. I've had a ton of fun with Seraphon in 2.0 and I don't even use summoning in my competitive lists.


Honestly pick a newer model range. The new models are gorgeous, the new rules are good etc. -- Since you don't have a singular army you HAVE to play.

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