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Legion of Nagash 1k Lists


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So just like the title asks, What do our lists look like at 1k for the various Legions?

I'm seeing that a lot of our 2k strategies like in our big models: the Mortarchs and the Vamp Lord on a Dragon.

So how does that all change when you don't really have the points for them?

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I usually start boring:

Necromancer with .40cal skellis and puppies for flankers 450 points as foundation

leaves 550 for fun... a lot depends on the opponent and such things

but I like terrorgheist and vamp lord for ambush or harbringers, with bait you can reduce skellis to 30

for sacrament I ran arkhan with extra vampire and more dogs, lord on Dragon 

for blood you can mortis engine, harbringers and extra necro or coven throne with engine/harbringers 

for grand host... Nagash 3x5 puppies


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It pretty much boils down to going backwards from the 2000pt list. Take out what you probably wont need from the 2000pt army to make it fit into a 1000pt one.

Skeletons and a necromancer are your typical go-to units to start with. Large units of skeletons can be buffed easily and can take a lot of damage with their weight of fire alone while the necromancer can again buff them but can also stay alive longer while they are near the skeletons in case someone is trying to snipe him off the table. Other than those picks and assuming you are going to use the LoN Battletome, you have a lot to choose from depending on your style of play. 

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Also speed and objective grabbing is a thing.

40 skellis are not really agile and while you can Blob down in the middle, you might get bogged down quite easily.

the next question is how to punch where it hurts. But that’s highly local meta depending XD

a lot of lists are tuned to delete .40cal skellis. blightkings or crazy elves, chaos dwarves artillery and suddenly you need to 1CP resummon. 

A lot of players out there are developing highly efficient counter play against LoN since we wrecked some faces with the new book and a lot of b hurt happened 

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I'm leaning towards this list to start an upcoming league at my local gaming club:

x1 Wight King with shield 'n sword on steed (General, Ossific Diadem and Lords of Nagashizzar)

x1 Necromancer

x40 skeletons with spears

x10 Black Knights

x10 skeletons with swords

x10 Grave Guard with Greatblades

The idea is to put pressure on the enemy army from the beginning with a big mobile block of 10 Black Knights supported by the Wight King which can survive long enough to either kill some of the key units and heroes  or just keep them engaged on close combat (with Ossific Diadem and Lord of Nagashizzar the charge can be truly brutal). This gives the big mass of skellies and the necromancer some valuable time to reach the enemy positions and smash them all since the opponent is forced to pay attention to Knights and King from the very beginning of the game (the 10 skeletons with swords are there just for grabbing objectives).

Meanwhile, the 10 Grave Guard are a flexible tool for summoning purposes: they start on reserve since GG are not resilient at all, but since they are extremely killy and able to kill potentially anything even on small units, they will be summoned on gravesites close to the enemy position by either the Wight King early in the game to add more pressure on the opponent side and try to shut down some key enemy units fast, or they will be summoned later once the Necromancer has reached enemy position to wipe out the weakened enemy forces along with the big skeleton mass after the Black Knights and Wight King's attack so that it is then harder for the opponent to deal with all of it.

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My standard 1k grand host list is:

  • Vamp lord on zombie dragon, ethereal amulet, lord of nagashizaar, amaranthine orb
  • Necromancer, overwhelming dread
  • 40 spearletons
  • 2x5 dire wolves
  • 50 pts left over for an extra command point

List for other legions is pretty much the same, just swapping items and ca around.


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I played a 1k list similar to this and it worked wonderfully. The bravery debuff is pretty kickass when combined with terrorgheists mantel. The morghasts in Grand Host are amazing, and everyone underestimates the Grave Guard. At 10 models, they do their part and come back with a Command Point sometimes right on -- or very near -- an objective. 


I haven't used the Gravetide yet. That's the new addition to this list, but I think it could be useful.


Allegiance: Grand Host of Nagash

Wight King with Black Axe (120)
- General
- Trait: Lord of Nagashizzar 
- Artefact: Terrorghiest Mantle 
Necromancer (110)
- Lore of the Deathmages: Overwhelming Dread

30 x Skeleton Warriors (240)
- Ancient Blades
10 x Grave Guard (160)
- Wight Blades & Crypt Shields
5 x Dire Wolves (60)
5 x Dire Wolves (60)

2 x Morghast Archai (220)
- Spirit Swords

Endless Spells
Suffocating Gravetide (30)

Total: 1000 / 1000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 200
Wounds: 82

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