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So it begins


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Soooooo... well to make a long story short i've been in and out of this hobby a lot. Been through countless armies, building, selling off, buying something new. But never really painting up an army due to basically anxiety kicking in and making me feel like i have to make them look great and pressuring myself to get it done. Well i've had about half a year off. Bought the odd model and box here and there, little building. Then i recently played in a shadespire tournament at my local workshop.. didn't win, but i was first leading into the top 4 (in which i came forth XD), but i had a blast and did a little painting. And i wasn't as nervous. Now i must admit, the picture i will show in a little bit, is just a tad daunting, but i really like this faction, even if playing for the "good guys" is something i've not done before. 

Without further ado, this is what i have laid out before me ^^;;; (sorry for quality, couldn't find my camera ^^;;;)


A little while back i made some coin flips. With a coin that had a moon and a sun on it. And i made a promise (or oath if you will) to a friend that i wouldn't buy anything or army stuff but that choice. As it so happens i landed on the fyreslayers. And just started enjoying the lore and the stories. So coming into 2019 this is what i have ^^;;;

2 Magmadroth Kits

Auric Runemaster


40 Vulkite Berzerkers

20 Hearthguard (5 not pictured)

And will be getting a Grimwrath in the new year. Just because they didn't have one in store. 

So yeah, little nervous i must admit. But i've got the models. Now i just need to get my lodge ready for war !


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7 hours ago, Overread said:

Ohhh that's a big load of plastic to keep you busy over the cold wintery nights! 

ha, i've first got to be able to be stay awake. coming off of night shift and being thrown into day shift has really done a number on my body clock. 

though i shouldn't worry about getting cold. i've probably got the hottest army around XD

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