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Nurgle Army Painting Diary


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Hello, first time poster, long time gamer.


I used to be a diehard Warhammer Fantasy player before a switch to competitive Warmachine, Guild Ball and more recently, focusing more of my free time on just painting and playing board games.  My friend Moops got me interested in AoS by basically talking about it for a month until I caved and started looking at Azyr. 


Honestly I am not convinced that the game is something that will appeal to me long term, but I am prepared to give it a go.  



What DOES appeal to me is creating, painting and designing different armies.  For this diary I am going to basically showcase the army that I've been painting for the last month or so, and hopefully should have finished in another few weeks.   Here was the model I started with, a Spoilpox Scrivener:




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And finally, the most recently painted model is a Harbinger of Decay.  Finecast sucks, that is all.





Here is my latest army shots from the first game I played:




As you can see I have a unit of Knights underway, and also a converted Warshrine, some Blight Drones, another couple of cool heroes and bits and pieces.  I've bought a unit of 40 Marauders which I will also just have to push through, and another Great Unclean One.  I have accumulated about 5000 points of Nurgle in a month which seems excessive but my Dad always said: "We aren't here to ****** spiders."



I'll update this in a week or so with the next batch of models I've painted!  Aiming to be finished the whole army within a two month period, then going to get back to painting other stuff and learning to play this game to actually see if I like it or not.  LOL!



Appreciate your feedback and thoughts on the army.  

Cheers, Big Deno

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That was a lot to take in, but man I’m impressed. They are painted fantastically (even though not a big fan of bright colored nurgle) and so quickly. It would take me years to paint that much stuff. I hope you end up liking the game itself, it’s kinda deceivingly simple, easy to learn, tough to master. Nurgle is a pretty good and fun army too. 

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Finished my overly ambitious Warshrine today,  There is a lot going on but basically I converted the Priest, added a GUO head to the front, added tentacles all over it and then put a Plaguebearer head and Nurglings all over it.  It is eyewateringly vivid. :D


20 hours ago, Saikological said:

Super awesome army and colors!

Care to share what color you used for the green and especially the bright green?


It is VMA Scorpion Green for the bright vivid green, and Golden Olive for the daemon skintone.  There is quite a lot of other colours and techniques involved in getting them to look like this but those are the core colours.

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