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So, I wanted to sort of focus and get stuff painted this year, but I've got some free time pre-new year so I'm starting early! The objective is to paint up all my chaos! A bit of a tall order but over the course of the year I have hopes I can do well. So, the main focus will be on three things that kind of link in.

Beasts of Chaos, one of my loves from pre-AoS, I have a large army in different stages of paintedness

Khorne bloodbound and daemons, I have a smallish army of these guys, like 1500 or so

Slaves to darkness, I couldn't resist the Christmas box this year, so these guys are on the pile.

So, how they all link? I can mark them all Khorne as well as playing separately! I think this sounds cool so that is the plan. Pics as things get constructed/painted/any progress.


EDIT! I forgot about this, but I need a boost to my painting so I'm opening this up to all my stuff, not just khorne.

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2 minutes ago, jkav86 said:

Spawn for the Gavespawn. More progress. I think it'll be some Bestigor next




What are these horrifying monstrosities? Are those Chaos Spawn!? They're terrifying! Nice job on the painting, it makes them even creepier cuz they're flesh colored. 

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So I had such good intentions with lockdown for painting, but I felt unmotivated after a while being unable to actually hang out with other hobbyists, but last week I decided to add to my favourite force and bought some beastmen to get me excited again!  

I got these built over the weekend and the pig and Kazrak sprayed. First thing to do is try get the pig done.


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Just a small bit done since my last post, a beastlord! I like this guy in a kind of understated way, he's not big or too stand out but he's still pretty cool.

EDIT: Pictures not great :(



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