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Inspiring stuff in here!  My legion of Azgorh must be around 5K.  I'll total it up and get some photos.  

@Duke of Gisoreux you are a hobby hero!!!!

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9 hours ago, Duke of Gisoreux said:

Not actually an army on its own, but nontheless a faction: My Collegiate Arcane at 5000 points!


Nice, in my games I decided that the collective noun for a group of battlemages was a "battle conference". You're is a particularly distinguished looking one!

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Thanks for your kind replies. Today Nagash gathered his Grand Host at (almost) 20000 points!




Allegiance: Grand Host of Nagash

Nagash Supreme Lord of the Undead (800)
Arkhan the Black Mortarch of Sacrament (320)
Neferata Mortarch of Blood (400)
Mannfred Mortarch of Night (420)
Necromancer x6 (660)
Wight King with Black Axe x2 (240)
Mounted Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120)
Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade x3 (360)
Prince Vhordrai (480)
Bloodseeker Palanquin x2 (640)
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (440)
Vampire Lord on Nightmare x6 (840)
Vampire Lord (Flying Horror) (140)
Vampire Lord x13 (1820)
Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (140)
Knight of Shrouds x2 (240)
Lord Executioner (80)
Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern x2 (280)
Spirit Torment (120)
Tomb Banshee x9 (720)
Cairn Wraith x13 (780)

56 x Zombies (336)
10 x Dire Wolves (120)
85 x Skeleton Warriors with Ancient Blades (680)
91 x Skeleton Warriors with Ancient Spears (728)
30 x Grave Guard (480)
20 x Chainrasp Horde (160)

2 x Corpse Cart (160)
2 x Morghast Archai (220)
2 x Morghast Harbingers (220)
3 x Legion Black Coach (360)
3 x Fell Bats (80)
10 x Bat Swarms (400)
6 x Vargheists (320)
10 x Blood Knights (480)
38 x Black Knights (912)
10 x Grimghast Reapers (140)
9 x Glaivewraith Stalkers (135)
27 x Spirit Hosts (1080)
20 x Hexwraiths (640)

3x Mortis Engine (540)
2x Terrorgheist (600)

The First Cohort (160)
Court of Nulahmia (110)
Nightfall Pack (170)
Lords of Sacrament (130)
Deathmarch x4 (640)

Total: 19761
Extra Command Points: 8
Allies: 0 / 500



Edited by Duke of Gisoreux
added 2 Terrorgheists
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2 hours ago, Kirjava13 said:

Dear lord, the Spirit Hosts. How did you build so many and retain your sanity?

What makes you think that one who owns such a massive collection like me retained his sanity? 😉

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Some mighty impressive collections here.

I'm at 11.000 points of Stormcast but unfortunately only at just over 2.000 points painted so I don't think I'm at the picture taking stage yet.

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