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Events UK: BLACKOUT 2019 - Firestorm Games, Cardiff - 100 players / Round One Draw Pg2

Chris Tomlin

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Event Title: BLACKOUT 2019 - Firestorm Games, Cardiff - 100 players / Updated Rulespack post GHB19
Event Author: Chris Tomlin
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 08/10/2019 12:00 AM to 08/11/2019 12:00 AM

Hey guys,

Once again BLACKOUT will be returning to Firestorm Games in Cardiff. This year's event will take place on 10-11th August.

Capacity will be 100 players with tickets costing £45 - they go on sale at 8pm GMT on Friday 1st March (please don't send payment before this time). Payment is to be made via PayPal friends and family to lunatic_pandora@btinternet.com

The updated rulespack can be found here - http://traffic.libsyn.com/theblacksun/BLACKOUT2019_updated.pdf

Don't miss out on what was the 3rd biggest UK Warhammer Tournament in 2018!

I hope to see you all there.



BLACKOUT 2019 - Firestorm Games, Cardiff - 100 players / Updated Rulespack post GHB19



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1 - Paul Buckler
Ben Johnson
Matt Lyons
Steve Curtis 
Mark Curtis 
Johnny Armstrong
James Hanson 
Dan George 
Angus Brain 
10 - Chris Hibbins 
Michael Browning
Patrick O’Sullivan 
Alex Jones 
William Philpott
Tom Hewitt 
Ritchie McNalley
Ian O’Brien 
Tom Lees
John Stevens
20 - Gene Coats
Max Barton
Christian Moore
James tinsdale
Jen Lyons
Maxime Julian
Owen Jackson
Owen Jackson +1
Chris Lewis 
Matthew Ward
30 - Daniel White
Tom Fownes
Nick Featherstone
Shaun Lang
Andrew Lewis
Joel Smith 
Sam Sendell
Simon Froley
Matthew Feltham 
Steve Phillips 
40 - Joe Clark
Matthew Croad
William Morriss
Adam Mumford
Brook Hirst 
Elliot Ireland
Oliver Barrett
John Greene
Adam Hall
Andy Talbot
50 - Chris Allison
Pete Allison
Mike Wilson
Steve Smith
Sam Loving
Chris Francis
Greg Shelton
Dan Arnold
George Theodosopoulos
James Eveleigh
60 - Tom Bell 
Conor McNama
Charles Black 
John Burgess
James Henley
Kieran Harper
Wayne Rendell 
Ian Spink
Joe Purcell
Jonathon Kyprianidis
70 - Matthew Arnold
Duncan Stacy-Marks
Marc Brookes
Alex Ferron 
Adam Button
Andy Toben
Heath Barnes
Mark Saunders
Philip Jenkins
Nick Hoen 
80 - Jordan Cleave
Pete Wrench
Chris Cousens
Liam Cook
Leo Rautonen
Rich Walters
Bryan Carmichael 
Chris Thursten
Sebastian Del Monte
Matt Clarke
90 - Kane Holloway
Reuben Beard
Carl Smith
Balal Zafar 
Lukas Madaj
Jon Cann
Josh Cann
Martin Morrin 
Kyle Salmond 
Aaron Bailey - Spare player 
Charles Black vs Ben Johnson
Chris Lewis vs Tom Hewitt
Matt Lyons vs John Greene
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To confirm, tickets for BLACKOUT 2019 will go on sale at 8pm on 1st March for £45. Payment details will appear nearer this time. 

If you have a group or club planning to attend, please get in contact as I’m happy to do some prerelease sales in these instances! That way groups can get their accommodation sorted well ahead of time as Cardiff can get pricey if left late.

There will be a pack by the general ticket release date, however it will be very much in-line with last year’s event.



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  • Chris Tomlin changed the title to Events UK: BLACKOUT 2019 - Firestorm Games, Cardiff - Ticket/Pack info out now
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Hey guys,

Entrants updated, up to 87/100 tickets sold now. We’ll be at capacity in no time! 

On 4/11/2019 at 2:57 PM, Heath Barnes said:

Any tickets left?  I don’t use PayPal, any other way to pay?

Heath do any of your mates have PayPal? You could sort them the cash and have them fire it over. If not we can try and sort a bank transfer. We’ll be able to get you on the list so not to worry 😊


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