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Some Smashin' Ironjawz


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Hi Guys, 

I have only very recently dived into AOS both with the models and gaming which I enjoy very much so far picking up the Ironjawz as my main army focus. I am looking at building towards a sizeable WAAAGH! of 2750 points mainly to play with my small group of friends, I have so far played at a maximum of 1260 (winning every game I might add) but something feels off since I am using a mostly unpainted army.

The paint scheme I have gone for is pretty much the Bloodtoofs as when I first saw the Ironjawz models I immediately decided on red armour and yellow details (A scheme I had used long ago on a few 40k Orks). Now I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to just follow the existing fluff to the letter and would rather my army have their own fluff so my current Idea is that several fists of the Bloodtoofs led by a particularly strong and impulsive Megaboss have broken off from the others to rampage in the Ashlands of Aqshy smashin' against the forces of Khorne for endless fun! (I may be slightly inspired by the story of Tuska Daemonkilla from 40K) 

Anyway! the point of this is to post painting / modelling progress for my army ( C&C very much appreciated) and to expand the fluff taking opinions into account. Now lets start with some pictures of my Footboss which is so far the only painted mini in my Ironjawz collection, I do feel as though I probably should have painted some brutes first for practice but I was so darn excited! 






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Brutes will be next up for painting with 15 built and 5 more after Christmas, these will be set up as 2 units of 5 and 1 unit of 10. In the attached picture you see I have personalised one of the bosses to stand out above my 2 others, this is so both I and my opponent can easily identify and remember who the Ironfist Big Boss is.


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Thanks guys! Really appreciate the feedback. I'm going to be honing my skills at painting orruk skin with the brutes and experiment on different tones, I want to try an albino orruk using nurgling green as the base tone and build up brightness with pallid wych flesh perhaps.

46 minutes ago, Saikological said:

Nice work! 

That skull set, it comes with all seperate skulls that you can position how you like? Or does it come with pre made piles?

The skulls in that set are all separate so I had to place each one individually and build up to fit the Megaboss' pose, took me roughly an hour as there are about 100 or so skulls there. 

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Finished my first brute, he's an albino and will probably stay unique in my army, at some point I'll probably add battle damage to both this guy and the megaboss. His pale skin made the other ladz uneasy at first as everyone knows green is best, this fella overcame persecution with fierce savagery and a few good 'eadbutts. The ladz have noticed enemies cowering (more than usual) at the sight of this pale orruk as he charges their lines, leading them to believe it is a blessing from Mork.

Albino Orruk.jpg

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