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So Forgeworld hinted a while back that they've got a new AoS division beavering away on new models for AoS! So lets show them how much we love the guys and gals of FW and show off our mighty beasts and warriors from their resin vaults! 

Classic and current models. One, two, three or a whole army! Whatever you've got show it off and chat about it! LEts show that we love what they produce and want more excuses to buy more of it!




Note please leave complaints about prices and pricing policies out of this thread - yes its an issue, esp for many overseas; but this isn't the thread for it. Also leave out recastings too! Again this just isn't the place for such chatter - feel free to start your own threads on those topics : )

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I'm giving this a little bump because we've had some chatter over the last few days lamenting the lack of FW models for AoS and I figure its a good time to push this back up and get more people sharing the FW that they do own. From loan models to whole armies its a good chance to show what is out there for some who might be new and don't know what FW offers; and to also show how much we really do want more (not just in wanting but by being owners of existing stuff)!


So if you've got FW stuff show it off :)

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Most of my Chaos Horde is Forgeworld based, from my Chaos Eolves converted from Wolfkin of Russ, Sayl and Nightmaw conversions, my Wulfrik made from  Sevartar, Forsaken made from Gal Votbak and Blade Dlaves. Throgg using many bits from the Skaarwc. My Growing ogors made from various forgeworld ogors and ogryns. But most of all my Chaos Trolls now Numbering seven made from Bile Trolls. Miniatures look better with a touch of resin! I eidh there was more beasts like thr Monstrous Arcanum exploring the Mortal Realms and their Fauna. 



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@Overread it's because he's unfortunately just not all that good :( but I love him anyway...



I still need to do his wings (I don't like painting wings) and I want a second one to paint like a dragon age archdemon but have literally no use for a second since he rarely sees play :(

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17 minutes ago, Overread said:

At 240 points its also in the "needs to be more than a 2K game" to fit into the allies allotment. 

Well he works in a 2k game as that's 400 allies. But yeah I'm usually full on allies with my varanguard :(

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As a huge fan of Forgeworld (I have way too much 30k resin already), i've also got some bits for AoS and looking forward to getting some more. 

Originally started as Chaos Dwarves back in the World that was from the Tamurkhan book. Would love to see FW do a AoS campaign book in the style of Tamurkhan (which was the first and last, but was planned to be first of four)

Troops and warmachine have been re-based and have added the bull centaurs, plus have some other stuff WIP for them:


For my new IronJawz I already have a couple of squiggly beasts from Ghur to go along with them:



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11 hours ago, Overread said:

Sorry I meant for 2 of them :)

Ahh yes, that is certainly a big offset for getting 2 of them ;) I need to use my current one more though, might get to this weekend. 

I will say though it's low price was a really big draw for it as it looks absolutely gorgeous.


I will also say I'm struggling to decide what to get next when I visit Warhammer world in august. I'm thinking something for my chaos but I'm not all that enthralled by a lot of the remaining stuff as I already have skin wolves, sayl and the dragon. Maybe the manaan's blades for my freeguild 🤷‍♀️. Chaos dwarves would be an interesting possibility though, since everchosen now just have 'chaos' as allies I could slot in 20 ironsword and 20 fireglaives into a list with archy.

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Here are my Forgeworld models:

Kazyk the Befouled



Exalted Greater Daemon of Nurgle



Warpgnaw Verminlord



Clawlord on Brood Horror



Skin Wolves






Daemon Plague Toads of Nurgle



Daemon Pox Riders of Nurgle






Bonegrinder Gargant



Fimirach Noble



Fimir Warriors



Exalted Greater Daemon of Khorne



Exalted Greater Daemon of Tzeentch



Exalted Greater Daemon of Slaanesh



Legion of Azgorh



Warpfire Dragon



Troggoth Hag



Squig Gobba


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