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Site Gallery suggestion

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TGA has some very fine and skilled artists and painters on the site and I was wondering if TGA could work toward building their own painting gallery much like GW has their painting app.

That is having a dedicated gallery/blog tab along the top for painting guides. These could be as simple as a photo with a detail as to what paints were used for each colour and layer as well as mention of specific methods (eg drybrush). So that at its simplest it can be a log of what paints were used for a specific model and for what colours/parts. A useful resource for anyone wanting to copycat and also for the original painter in having a formal log of what they used on a specific model.

It could also be allowed and encouraged for them to go a little deeper, going into a proper workflow and talk about what effects and tricks/methods they used. 


By allowing for both (which is basically allowing for text) it would let painters choose the level they'd support the feature with. I'd also suggest it to  be its own tab so that it gets attention. If it were simply a suggestion and used existing resources it might take off for a few weeks, but would likely dwindle in use. A dedicated section and button would help remind and focus attention upon it. Not just to remind those who paint to contribute, but also to remind other uses to suggest it to those who have painted and shown models in other areas of the site. 

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like this?  

As far as I know its the biggest compilation of Age of Sigmar painted minis online.

All it would take would be some curating.  You up for it? 

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I've just had a refresher on looking through the gallery and it appears to have a really neat setup that lets one setup categories within categories. I could certainly give it a go curating and trying to drum up interest and articles of this nature - the only downside is that as I'm not much of a painter myself I wouldn't be able to kick it into running with a selection of my own; but I can certainly do the organisation and management side. 



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