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Could use help creating balanced decks for four factions


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I've owned the first four warbands for Shadespire since they came out, but I hadn't actually cracked open the box and learned the basic rules until two days ago. I'm definitely looking forward to getting more into it and filling out my collection over time, but at the moment I'd love to put together a set of four decks that are reasonably balanced against one another so that I can get others into the game.

I have the base Shadespire set plus Ironskull's Boys and Sepulchral Guard and whatever cards come with.

Given that card pool, do any of you have suggestions for putting together a set of balanced decklists?

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3 hours ago, ReynakZhen said:

I think if you just have whoever plays each faction use only the cards (including the universal ones) that came with the specific box the warband came with. That should be fairly balanced. Of course, that would mean that only stormcast and reavers would get the1-5  hold objective cards...

Yeah, I thought that might be a reasonable starting point but was worried about issues like the one you mentioned about the objectives. I'm only going to be playing 2 player games with what I've got at the moment though, so I could use the objective cards in multiple decks as long as the base set comes with two copies of each. I'd just need to know which cards I should be subbing in and out of the expansion warbands.

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