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New Years Hobby Resolutions 2019

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With the end of the year rapidly approaching who is taking stock of how well they've done in 2018, and making plans for the coming year?

2018 Successes:

Last year I had two main hobby resolutions, the first being to focus on building my scenery collection, and the second being to try to play the actual game a bit more regularly. My christmas battleforce was Kharadron Overlords, but I didn't end up expanding it into a full army. Instead I've mainly focused on collecting non GW figures to build up a set of crusades era Saracens who can be used for other games, or as an Araby style freeguild army.

I've done pretty well on the scenery front, expanding my random assortment of terrain into several fully painted sets themed around different terrains. Before all my battles were fought among a hodge podge of ruins and trees, but I now have a solid set of town houses, and jungle and desert themed boards, as well as the ability to make more crowded boards of ruins and forest.

On the second count I started a facebook group of all my warhammer loving friends and have been gradually getting a more regular (if not more frequent) set of gaming going. I've definitely played more games in as a result, though I've ended up playing  a lot more 40K and frostgrave than age of sigmar. (Not that that's a bad thing...)

2019 plans:

So looking ahead to next year I need to continue building my local group, probably with some campaigns. I want to try to get more Lord of the Rings and AoS games in.

Getting more stuff painted is a boring new years resolution, as just about everyone will probably say that, but it kind of has to be on the list.

I think my main collecting project will be trying to get a second full 40K army together, along with a few Kill Teams for variety. That also means that I can keep my AoS focus on painting up the few thousand points of Elves i've got waiting. We'll see how that turns out... I may end up sitting here in 12 months time with twice as many grey elves and not a necron in sight!

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My vague 2018 resolution to "Paint what I have" failed miserably. I mean, I got SOME of it painted, but nothing is completed.


I am actually organizing a "New Year, New Army" at my local shop. It will be a community effort to basically scream "PAINT YOUR MINIS!" from the rooftops. There will be events every month to mark the milestones. If things go well, everyone should have a 2,000 point army, painted to a tabletop standard.

I should end up with a painted Sacrosanct Stormcast army, and hopefully a good chunk of my 40k Orks painted. Any other random models I can snag to paint will be cool. From there, it's all about keeping the momentum going still with narrative events and community building things.

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Maintain my current painting frequency. I do a good few hours a week now and I've come to love painting again. 

Play some games! I've got Kill Team lined up over Christmas with a bit of luck, but I live so close to Warhammer World it's ridiculous I don't play. 

Maintain focus. I've now got 2000 point armies for Daughters of Khaine, Stormcast Eternals, Mixed Order (which is its own army) and Order Serpentis. Order Serpentis is supposed to be my main one! If I want to buy something new, I need to just get a character model or something to scratch a hobby itch. I've also got 5 Kill Teams if you include the box set! 

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In my local gw store we started an armybuild event where we get to paint 100 pts per week and play one game a month ( with only the painted stuff ofc). There's even prizes in there. That should get me a fully painted SCE army at over 2k points by May. Then i'll play catch up on the 40k stuff i'll neglect until then. The idea is to not buy new stuff before the old stuff is painted.

Also i want to invest in brush cleaner and not ruin brushes in avoidable manner!

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Gonna make a few that I hope are managable:

- Paint 2000pts of Slyvaneth which I'm almost about to finish (can't quite do it this year unfortunately).

- Finish painting my kill team and then only play games with painted models, if I want to add models I need to paint them first

- Paint any models that require subassembly first in order to allow me to build everything in my collection and throw away the boxes piling up.


Already got a budget per month so not going to impose a buying limit though I'd like to make headway into painting everything. Getting very tempted to sell my 40k stuff since I haven't played a game in forever and I can't afford to keep up with three AoS armies and 40k rules books.

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Actually paint some models.  Since having kids my hobby time and effort has taken a nosedive.


I'm currently very into skirmish gaming (not necessarily with AoS skirmish, but a couple others that use GW minis) and I need to get some Skaven painted for a fledgling warband that has been "in progress" for years now, as well as some savage Orruks, Orruk archers, and a Gore Grunta for my main warband.

Also thinking of splurging on a box of Ironbreakers to be the core of a new Dwarven skirmish force.

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Paint more (obviously), but now I've got a few models under my belt I want to at least start thinking about conversions too. Nothing major to start with but I've got a spare Neferata from the Mortarch set that I reckon could, without too much difficulty, re-purpose as a standalone flying vampire type, so that's high on my list to do.

Play more (even more obviously), whilst it's occupied most of my hobby headspace I've barely played AoS, so getting a couple of nice small armies together, some scenery and even if it's just skirmish level games getting more in.

Writing more, both fiction and editorial. Big hopes/plans for that in 2019. And also working on my photography.

More home-brew stuff, whether that's messing around creating some fun extras for AoS, Blackstone Fortress etc or actually knocking up some little games of my own, something I used to love doing and haven't for ages (totally thinking of using BSF as the basis for a homemade Dredd game).


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Nice topic :)


For me, 2018 has been an amazing year!  So much hobby crammed in that I've almost needed to take breaks :S  The start of the year was focused on getting together a Legions of Nagash army, which I'm happy to say I completed and then ended up incorporating a few Nighthaunt elements in it to build it up to 2000 points for Blackout.

Highlight of the year was winning my first Golden Demon at Warhammer Fest - completely unexpected and still shocked.  That has shaped quite a bit of the rest of the year too with October, November & December being given over to an entry for the Winners challenge that they run in White Dwarf.


More of the same!  I think some of January will be needed to finish the WD entry followed by assembling Blackstone Fortress.  A few friends are planning on getting a Necromunda campaign going so I'm going to need to finish off a gang for that.

I want to put in a Fantasy entry into Golden Demon, which I'll probably need to start off in February to stand a chance of getting it done.  I'd also like to start a mixed Destruction army alongside my brother with the intention of being able to use it for doubles events.

Event wise, all being well I'll be at Blackout again and hopefully at Blood and Glory.  The usual mix of Warhammer Fest & Open Days, with an 'Eavy Metal OSL Painting Course thrown in there.

On the "New things" front, I really want to start messing around with Zbrush and doing some 3d-sculpting.  I also want to up my game when it comes to my brush work - don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy with my painting ability, but want to try and reach that next step 


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Took me a while to find, but I remembered there was a topic like this at the end of 2017 beginning of 2018 and that I'd made some bold predictions for 2018... thought I'd look back to see how I'd done.

Topic can be found here in case anyone else wants to check theirs:

My goals had been:

1. Plan an army that will (hopefully) be effective on the table, rather than a collection of models I like.

Sort of remains to be seen, but I think this is a no, having picked models that I liked to base an army around...

2. Build and paint said army in the first six months of the year. 

Pretty much painted the initial 2000 points in 6 months.

3. Play 3-4 times a month (re-arrange work schedule) and up skill level.

Nowhere near. Was probably playing around twice a month at best, but moving to a new part of the UK has slowed me down.

4. Attend a tournament.

I managed to get to a one day event and finished dead last. Probably a nail in the coffin for objective 1 🤣

5. Enter a painting competition.

Swallowed my fear of not being good enough and have entered a couple of painting competitions at my new local GW. Not won, but have a model in the cabinet, which I look in on from time to time.

3/5 is not bad and I have probably learned that having an effective army is probably not a huge concern for me, so I won't be repeating that one!

In 2019 I aim to:

1). Learn how to use my airbrush that will be arriving for Christmas

2). Play at least twice a month

3). Get to a tournament at Warhammer World

4). Build a 2000 point army and customise (so learn how to Green Stuff do conversions)

5). Win a painting competition (even a very small one)

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13 minutes ago, ManlyMuppet88 said:

Fool! Now you absolutely know GW is gonna release way too much awesome stuff in 2019. 😁

I think I'm safe for the moment- next AoS stuff is supposed to be gobbos, Darkoath and Slaanesh the Eldritch Pe'enis so that ought to see me through until at least the first half of the year...


12 minutes ago, Overread said:

So you're going to start a resin-crack addition then? ;) 

You joke but I ordered some Forge World Necron stuff on Thursday 😥

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Just now, Overread said:

Did you get the titan - did you did you did you did you?!??!

Not yet- I don't even know where I'd keep it! Nah, one of the centipedes and the Canoptek... Acanthrites? The half-Wraiths half-Tomb Spyder guys. I'm hoping they'll be super OP because I'm sick to the back teeth of Eldar being cheesy feth sticks.

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We're not really calling it a new year's resolution, but my gf and I recently decided to go from one end of the hobby and game rooms (we have 4 game rooms, a storage room for unopened stuff and things in progress, and a hobby room proper) to the other and create a better organizational system and then systematically finish all the projects we've started over the years but never finished because the new shiny stuff distracted us.

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My main one from last year was to start actually playing age of sigmar, which i did and i'm doing pretty regularly (its the only game i play atm).

My main goals for next year lie away from the hobby really (mostly artwork and martial Arts related),  but here goes:

1. Enter something into golden daemon at whfest

2. Smash that backlog (including tzeentch daemons, world eaters and renegade Knights) - i want to finish 2019 with it all painted or moved on

3. Start a hobby budget and stick to it 

4. I have a long term goal of working for gw, so i'll keep filling out my CAD skills and see what happens 

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These were my 2018 resolutions:

Finish building my stormcast, then try and paint some.

Play some AoS, BloodBowl and necromunda.


Well, the first failed abysmally...so much so I realised it was too big a task so I sold off the majority!

I didn't play any AoS (see above) but piled in the game time on Blood Bowl and Necromunda.  I also slept (at least twice).


So for 2019, maybe more realistic goals:

Need to build the Dark Elf, Nurgle and Undead Blood Bowl teams

Need to Build the Escher, Cawdor and Delaque Necromunda gangs

Concentrate on getting my Dispossessed onto round bases and finish building them all.

Play some games.

So 2019 will mostly be a catch up on some building, keep my hand in with some games and just pick up the new releases for my main systems. Not going to set painting goals as that is low priority at the moment.  My buddies are happy to play with grey so I'm under no pressure to use precious spare time on painting just yet!



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Well i had no special goals for  2018 until morathi revealed herself and from that on my goal was building a proper DoK-Force and paint them. The Building part was quickly achieved. I have up to 2500 points now. 

Painting didn‘t work out that well, i need to paint some (60) witch aelves, a cauldron and 5 Heartrenders to finish them.

I got distracted by Nighthaunt (1500 pts painted), Shadespire Deepkin, pokemon, the witcher 3 and several Books from Markus Heitz...


my plan for 2019:

1. Finish DoK-Project

2. Start painting Deepkin

3. Play at least once a month

4. Try to blog about painting and playing

5. Try to write fluff for a GSC-inspired/infected free city for AoS

6. Stop using my wifes decoration as Terrain stand-in and build my own terrain pieces



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