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Robin's Celestial Warbringers


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Despite having gotten into Age Of Sigmar properly back in the summer with the Soul Wars box, it's taken me until now to actually finish my first unit... Hoping to get a little faster from here on in. Happy with how these Castigators have turned out, at least - they're not perfect, but they're definitely my best work so far. 

Still working on the lore for these guys, but what I tried to get across with the bases is the feeling of a seemingly dead land that's actually surging with magic or souls beneath. In places it cracks the earth and shines through, and there are even bizarre plants growing up that glow with arcane energy. The Castigators are clearly drawing on it in some way - their grenades glow with the same light. 

It seems like almost no one's doing Celestial Warbringers, but I love both their background and their colour scheme! Hopefully I'll be updating this topic with more 10 foot pink wizards sooner rather than later.









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