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Pariah's Painting: Stormcast and Dwarfs (Grots in the works)

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I decided to keep track of my painting on here to help motivate me by showing my progress. I got started with Stormcast around 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. Since then, I painted almost 2000 points from the Khorne v. Stormcast starter box and the start collecting box, as well as the Tempest Eye box. I also have about 800 points of Ironweld Arsenal/Dispossessed from the Tempest Eye box and solo purchases. My next project is Moonclan Grots. I have 40 grots ready to be assembled. I played Hordes and Warmachine before, but never really painted my army. 


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My Stormcast are a Celestial Vindicators chamber, lead by Lyran the Bold, a Lord Celestant, and his father, Hale IV, another Lord Celestant. They all belonged to the same kingdom during the Age of Chaos. The mounted lord celestant is Lyran, and he was painted by my dad. The one on the right in the second picture is Lyran, the one on the left is Hale. Hale was the 3rd model I painted for this army. Lyran dismounted is a conversion off of a spare retributor body. The lighting is kinda bad because it was dark outside when I took the photos and the set up was kinda wack. 



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The bulk of the army is liberators. They are almost all easy to build, so they have hammers. The Liberator Prime with orruk head is Taren Boltstrike. My first event with my Stormcast was a skirmish campaign done in one day at the local gaming store. I placed second, 1 renown behind the winner, 115 to 116. I played against a destruction warband twice, and lost to a megaboss once, then won the last game against the guy who won the event. I killed his megaboss, so the head is Taren Boltstrike's trophy from Shadespire. He was promoted to Prime after the event. 






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Most of the heroes in my army are a retinue for Lyran the Bold. The Lord Relictor was the tutor of Lyran back in the kingdom which my Stormcast are from. He taught the prince combat, politics, and tactics. The Lord Veritant was a warrior priest in his former life, a virtuous knight.  The Knight Incantor was the palace wizard. He was formerly a battlemage who was kept alive by the paralyzing venom of a snake in the realm of beasts after he fled the Chaos ransacking of the capitol. He was reforged by Sigmar after his service alongside the chamber. I converted him with a head swap. I will post a picture of his old model later. 



1215181812 (1).jpg

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I have Steelheart's Champions, but they are integrated with my liberators in games. The one with the sword is Sythar, the former commander of the city guard and a rather stuck up aristocrat. The female liberator is the princess of the kingdom, who was reforged by Sigmar after denying any information into the chaos invaders, even after torture, and was reforged by Sigmar for her bravery, but she was unable to speak from a hex cast as punishment by the Chaos sorcerer. She also unrecognizable from the torture, so in a cruel twist of fate, her father and brother still believe she she was killed by the chaos invaders. The one with the grandhammer was mocked for his weak physique, despite I high rank in the city guard, so when he was reforged, Sigmar made his body larger than the others as a reward for his loyalty. The retributors are the former knights of the kingdom. 



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The Duardin of Gray Fen (Jamskheim)
Size: Village
Population: Duardin 
Distinguishing Features
-City is Underground
-Massive Mausoleum 
-Mysterious Plague
-Great Armory

Jamskheim (Jamsk: A Danish dialect word that describes feeling under the weather, a little bit tired and just not quite right and have no desire for food)(Heim: meaning home) was built in the Age of Myth, a massive cogfort, capable of housing tens of thousands of Duardin. They settled along the coast of the Searing Sea, making use of the native algae as a food source, and creating many technological marvels. Soon thereafter, humans also settled the region, constructing a majestic trading city. For thousands of year, the city flourished, but the unstable grounds caused ever sinking buildings to be a problem, with sinkholes appearing in the earth. The cogfort simply up and moved every 15 or so years to avoid unstable ground.
At the beginning of the Age of Chaos, the city feared not, driving back Khorne barbarian's murderous attacks with superior gunfire and coordination. It was another god who would be their undoing.  A mysterious plague struck at the city, carried from foreign vessels. The ports were closed off, but as the disease spread, no one could maintain the ban. Plagueships landed on the coast, and the humans died in droves, some spasming on the ground in their death throes, guts climbing out of their stomachs and controlling their corpses like puppet strings. The duardin barred the gates of the cogfort and fortified, their natural resistance to disease allowing them to function at a much weakened scale.
 When the demons appeared, they marched through the ruins of the great city, finishing the deed. The duardin fled, the cogfort crawling away as gunmen manned the turrets. A beast of Nurgle tore one of the gears in a charge, and the cogfort stopped moving. The duardin closed off the windows and barred themselves inside, using algae grown in glass tanks, made from the realm of fire's beach sand, as a food source. As time ran on, the duardin realized that they alone had survived, and that they would have to irk out a meager living where they were trapped. 
However, the fortress wasn’t able to keep everything out, and Nurgle's foul plagues affected the dwarfs. As they lost dwarf after dwarf, a brave warrior, Haldan, part fyreslayer part duardin of the coast, went on what seemed like a suicide mission. He left through a hatch, climbing into a foul swamp. He tracked a newly formed beast of Nurgle for days, then entered a brutal combat. He, despite a mortal wound, dragged the dead beast to the gates of the cogfort. He caturized his wounds, unintentionally buying the time he needed. The duardin doctors discovered that if they burned the beast, then applied the remainder to open wounds on the sick, it would immunize them, countering the plagues before they became a danger. The strength of Nurgle meant that they would still suffer congestion and a terrible cough, fevers and other symptoms of illness .
Over the next millennium, the city set aside tradition to survive, abandoning axes for guns, shields for masked armor, but staying devout in worship of their god, Grugni, and believing that he would return for them. They use gyrobombers filled with troops to hunt beasts of Nurgle, then blast the, to death, drag the, back to the cogfort, and create new vaccines. 
Warden King Loke the Everlasting is the youngest king to inherit the throne. Less than a month into his kingship, a scout returned with a strange tale. In the forest, he found a fifty or so dead Nurgle monstrosities, and no sign of their enemies. Breaking precedent, Loke overruled the council of Hippokratik, and ordered scouts to investigate the matter. 

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Warden King Loke the Everlasting is the headstrong and idealistic, believing that the time to strike against their enemies has come. He leads his army into battle against terrible odds nearly every battle, trying to mount a counter push against the forces of chaos. 



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  • Pariah changed the title to Pariah's Painting: Stormcast and Dwarfs (Grots in the works)

I painted an older freeguild model for fun over the course of last night and this morning. Overall, probably 7 or so hours of painting, thank goodness for winter break. I'm gonna run him as a freeguild general (thus the added sword), but he won't see the table much because of his square base. One of my favorite models to paint. I'm pretty proud of his eyes, he's only the second model who's eyes I painted.  The first guy is in the next post. 





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Lastly for now, a couple of humans who were added to my stormcast early on, but don't really see the table.  The wizard was really my first attempt at human skin and eyes and as a result ended up looking a little crazy, but it matches his fiction anyway. The other guy is just a human of the realms who was meant for skirmish as a skink to fill out warband requirements. The wizard is the the Knight Incantor from before he was reforged. The freehand was the best part of painting him. 



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First is a model I've been working on in between projects that I finished recently. It's just the freeguild banner, but I will probably use it as it's own model. It is probably the best work I've done yet, I took time to focus on shades and highlights. The 3rd picture is my next big project, so far I've learned the assembling models is way less fun then painting them. Currently I'm painting a unit of wild riders for a team tournament with my dad. They'll be posted sometime near next weekend. 




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Finished the Wild Riders the night before the tournament. Really enjoyed painting them and had a ton of fun deciding the schemes. I converted the leader with some of the Sisters of the Thorn bits to make it so she can be used as an archmage in skirmish. They inhabit a giant crater, in which a giant comet landed and melting into a pool of arcane water in the realm of life. (Definitely a Tzeenchian comet). The disruption caused ever changing seasons around the crater, with a quarter of each season, with its own tribe of native aelves. The aelves are nomads, following species of animals which are adapted for their specific season. Some female arcane members of the tribes become called by the spring, and join the overarching ruling council which settles disputes between tribes. In addition, the spring is known in legend as granting wishes in exchange for eternal servitude (The people chosen are done so because of their influence on the future, so Tzeench is able to prevent them from having an effect on the realms). They fought off every chaos army (except Tzeench) , and they were unable to fight off tribe after tribe and the everchanging seasons. I will probably work on some heroes for skirmish as warrior who were deemed worthy by the spring. 












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