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Briarstorm Question



Does Briarstorm affect ALL movement? 

I have read how people think it's meh but I think it's teriffic!  If you put it 3.5-6 inches in from of one of your units, an enemy unit would take potentially d3 when they make a normal move, d3 when they make a charge move and d3 when the make a pile in move. Not shabby!


That's really really big...but I'm on a cell phone.  I'll pretty it up later.  Anyway, what does everyone think?  Reads to me like it impacts all moves.


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6 hours ago, King Taloren said:

Yeah I’d have to say it does until GW changes it to say normal and charge moves. They themselves have stated any move means any movement of models.

Is that a Sylvaneth spell?

Realm spell.  Not a huge issue I know but we were in that realm and I thought "Woah. That seems cool."

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