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Hi everyone, 
I'm Damian, aka azoxystrobin, I live in France but am from the UK originally.
I played 40k since 1989 brought it to France and translated it to play amongst my friends here.
I played WHFB since 5th edition (Bretonnians vs Lizardmen) I still have my Bretonnians (T-T) 
I have also played a couple of other games Void/Urban war/metropolis, Malifaux, Infinity, Relic knights, Warmachine (Menoth) and Hordes (Everblight), X-wing, mars attacks, Batman minis game, Dreadball. 
I like to play to win with a list with good synergy. But nothing more, No ultra optimized lists, no tailoring against opponents, no realm artefacts or spells (that's easy with khorne though) I'm not really into the tournament scene and don't do netdecks or spam. Each to their own.

So we're starting to pick up AoS at our local club, it's a really good fun game and we're really liking the layers of complexity that can be added at will to a very simple base.
I'm doing Khorne (because cheap plentiful models) and my son's Stormcast (there just had to be stormcast somewhere)

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