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The Hobby Table : 12-12-18


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Happy Wednesday everyone!  I just came off my final Age of Sigmar event for 2018 hosted by the Rend 4 club, but there isn't much time to rest as Waaaghpaca 2019 is coming up quick.  I have begun playing with some lists for the event and even though I have the final unit of Witch Aelves all ready for painting they are going to have to wait as I will be taking a list without a single one of them due to a requirement of using movement trays on nits 20+ strong.  I don't feel Age of Sigmar needs movement trays and they can lead to poor tactical decisions in my mind its combat and not movement that can slow a game down.  With that in mind, I decided to work around the requirement with my list.  I don't fault anyone who uses movement trays and I am not upset in anyway an event is requiring them, but they are not for me and how I play the game.  The upside to this is I have really enjoyed exploring list ideas not using my typical go-to unit, but don't worry The Witch Aelf Horde isn't being shelved for long. 


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