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Realms at War - Legends 18th-20th November PLAYERS EMAILED CHECK YOUR INBOX


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EATMingsFoote are pleased to announce a two day, 40 player AoS event in the centre of Cambridge on 19 to 20 November.

This will not be a ‘typical’ tournament and it will be hobby orientated. There will be a competitive element, however if you are after a full on competitive tournament, this probably isn’t for you!

Over the two days, you will be immersed in an epic tale in which your general attempts to rise from an Aspiring champion to become a Legend of the Realms. Your struggle to achieve Legendary status will be played over six scenarios of varying size (skirmishes, standard battles and doubles). Temporary truces between the various Aspirants will be formed and broken and all the while, the twists of fate will lie heavy over the battlefields. 

Will you be able to adapt to the rapidly changing threats? Do you trust your allies or can your objectives be better served with others? Can you raise an army capable of crushing your opponents? Which Aspirant will become the ‘Legend of the Realms’?

Evening entertainment will be arranged on Saturday night and we strongly encourage everyone to join in. There may also be some smaller events on the Friday night.

Our motive for this event is to put on a super fun hobby-tastic weekend for the community. However, since this is our first event we felt it best to start small and then increase participant size in subsequent events. We therefore intend to allocate the first twenty tickets to our friends and clubmates; the remaining twenty tickets will made available to the public at a later date. Details on how to obtain public tickets are detailed in the pack.

The NEW UPDATED pack can be found here:


We would like to thank Kenneth Erickson @Kenquistador and Max Fitzgerald (Twitter: @maxstaxidermia) for the illustrations that they provided for this event.

The Aspirant Rules can be found here:


The Aspirant Warscrolls can be found here:

Commander: https://db.tt/Fpz0Og3i

Ranger: https://db.tt/J3cwU7u6

Warlock: https://db.tt/fWuGKdp5

Warrior: https://db.tt/fS5EKmyB

The attendee list is as follows, thanks to you all for registering your interest it means a lot that you all are so keen to support us with this event. Places will not be held without payment and may be reallocated if payment is not made within one week of the players being announced. To reserve your place:

  • PayPal £45 to info@eatbats.com (friends & family)
  • Write your real name, email address and contact details in the comments box


  1. Adam Cunis - @HadrielCaine - Angel Wargamers - Paid
  2. Adam James - @warhammernerd - Hobby Hammer - Paid
  3. Adam Petford - @DeadlySarcasm - Ninja Badgers - Paid
  4. Alexander Nygard - @Darth_Alec -   - Paid
  5. Andy Burton - @WarpTunneller - Angel Wargamers - Paid
  6. Andy Talbot - @AndyTalent - Lost Lighthouse - Paid
  7. Arthur Treitl - - - Mildenhall Age of Sigmar Club - Paid
  8. Ben Smith - @benthesmith - PSGC - Paid
  9. Ben Foote - @Devil_Reef_Ben - - Paid
  10. Bishmeister - @Bishmeister1 - - Paid
  11. Chris Tomlin - @the_black_sun – The Black Sun - Paid
  12. Dan Hadert - @tbc - Chelmsford Bunker - Paid
  13. Dan Heelan - @HeelanHammer - Heelan Allstars - Paid
  14. Gary Hennessey - @GaryHennessey - Lost Lighthouse - Paid
  15. Jayson Frankin - - Mildenhall Age of Sigmar Club - Paid
  16. Jay Hopkinson - @jayhopkinson - Angel Wargamers - Paid
  17. Jonathan Pyke - @JontyGoesGaming - Oxford Gaming Club - Paid
  18. Kye Baker - @KyeBaker - Hobby Hammer - Paid
  19. Luke Smith - @Fantacap7 - Chelmsford Bunker - Paid
  20. Mark Carrigher - - Chelmsford Bunker - Paid
  21. Mark Pocock - @MarkyPocock - Chelmsford Bunker - Paid
  22. Matt Evans - @WaacMatt - EATBATS -  Paid
  23. Matt Hinton - @Skyel14 - Angel Wargamers - Paid
  24. Nathan Prescott - @nathprescott - Bravery One - Paid
  25. Nick Sheppard - @drdabbler - EATBATS - Paid
  26. Ollie Fox - @olliefox89 - EATBATS - Paid
  27. Owyn Abrams - @mightymoon14 - Angel Wargamers - Paid
  28. Paul Berridge - @paulberridge - EATBATS - Paid 
  29. Paul Buckler - @WarhammerGC - Ninja Badgers – Paid
  30. Paul Marshallsay - @ugluk1974 - Heelan Allstars - Paid
  31. Richard Bowker - @FanplasticRid - Chelmsford Bunker - Paid
  32. Richard Dorrell - @tricky_ricardo - PSGC - Paid
  33. Richard Morley - @drakira4 - Dorset Doggers - Paid
  34. Rufio Symes - @Sixdiceskills - Bravery One - Paid
  35. Sean Houghton - @hobbyhammer - Hobby Hammer - Paid
  36. Simon Roberts - @simonroberts87 - PSGC - Paid
  37. Steve Hursell - @TBC - Angel Wargamers - Paid
  38. Tom Hewitt - @Ch3wyT - Lost Lighthouse - Paid
  39. Tom Wall - @tbc - Chelmsford Bunker - Paid
  40. Wayne Kemp - @WayneKemp13 - Heelan Allstars - Paid


  1. P1
  2. P2
  3. P3
  4. P4
  5. P5


Follow us on Twitter for instant updates as soon as they are released:

Jimbo - @jimbo9jimbo
Mitzy - @EATBATSMitzy
Ming - @Thornshield
Steve - @tinracersteve
Hashtags - #RAW16 - #RoadtoRAW16

If you are after a traditional high quality tournament, our friends at Wargames Association of Reading are holding an AoS tournament in Reading on the same weekend (viewtopic.php?f=13&t=133520)

And if you missed it check out the teaser video for the event here: 


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On 19/04/2016 at 9:06 PM, Ben said:

Shame he didn't use the EVENTS CALENDAR FEATURE!!!!!!!

Yep what a numpty! To be fair it was one of the first things that I did when I joined the group... I probably should have done some research on the site rules first huh!

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If I understand the pack correctly, I'm supposed to register interest here and wait until 3rd July to hear if I've been allocated a ticket.  This is going to be an amazing event and I hope you get loads of interest. Good luck with the planning, I will try to be patient!!!

I've never done fluff before so I'll have to work on that.  My aspirant and legend will be a warlock engineer and an arch warlock (thank you, GW, for taking his name away :p).

Question: will be allowing formations and how will they work if they need the general (e.g. arch-warlock) and you have made a special scroll him?


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Hmm... Do we need to audition our aspirant/legendary lords now? I can't use my Zombie Dragon lord (Steve already killed him). So I'll need to either convert a Abyssal Terror, or use a Tomb King/Royal Chariot thing. Not a lot of direct upgrades in Death :P

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Really interested in this, big fan of narrative events, think it brings a whole new aspect to the hobby.  Plus it will give me a chance to get a whole new army on the table just for the event :)


edit - weirdly my forum name is actually my real name!  So Paul Buckler,  I'm @warhammerGC on twitter for those who tweet.

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We just want people to indicate if they are interested in coming at this stage. This will give us an idea of numbers (we hope to fill out the whole 40 places) so we can then work out ticket allocation in a couple of weeks.


You don't need to say what your aspirants and legends are yet but we will obviously need to know that later so we can sort out all the special fun stuff :)



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Had a cool idea for aspirant->general overnight that I'm going to think about: start with a mortal character and have them ascend to demonhood. I could do assassin to deceiver or warlock to warpseer.  That's got "TO nerf-bat" written all over it, though :P

Seraphon idea: skink priest to slaan - can the dreamed become the dreamer??

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