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21 minutes ago, Milo said:

Instead you can use the Loremaster’spell  only to single model and not units, isn’t true?


@King Taloren pretty much nailed it on the head but I'll re-hash it for you in an example if that helps. The short answer is yes it is a single model but it can be applied to single model(s) in a unit of multiple models.

Let's say you have your ten Dryads that are partially within the 18" bubble of the Hand of Glory spell. You cast the spell and it goes off so you have to chose which model within the 18" can get the spell's benefit. According to the text of the spell it has to be one model within 18", there are no other restrictions in place. Full stop. 

Later in the turn your Dryads get themselves in combat (or shooting, whichever), and the model you gave the benefit of the spell to can attack along with the 9 other Dryads. In this instance you would roll for your 9 Dryads normally without change followed by doing a separate roll for the single Dryad model that has the Hand of Glory spell. To be clear it has to be the model you've chosen in the previous phase to have the spell's effect that gets use the effect. You cannot have another model in the unit have the effect for the sake of convenience.  

I hope this helps clear up any possible confusion you may or may not have regarding this interpretation of the rules. 

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It refers to any model in range. 

A more complex answer is that the unit doesn’t have to be wholly within the 18” range but only the models who are in that bubble get the benefit of the aura. But for each failure you must remove one of those models and can no longer make saves when there are none in that 18”.

this save is taken at the damage step instead of the main save step so you are already allocating wounds to models in the unit not the unit itself

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